Cover of the 2018 Adult Career Center Catalog
 Job Training

Job Training Programs available at the JVS Adult Career Center include:


Some Job Training Programs are Title IV or ITA (Individual Training Accounts through the Employment NetWork) eligible. They require a high school diploma or GED. Some safety sensitive education programs may require drug testing and/or background checks prior to admission. Job Training Programs include placement assistance and employability skills training. The Career Services Office serves as a liason between students and the employment community. An ongoing database of available employment opportunities is maintained and made available to job seekers. Job seekers are directed to potential employment opportunities based on their skills, training and experience.

Students must provide their own hand tools when necessary. Various tests for certification are important to document the skills an individual has mastered. Certification is frequently required for many jobs especially higher paying positions. Some certification tests are part of the curriculum, advanced testing may require additional costs.

Job Training Program graduates who attend 90 percent of scheduled classes and have satisfactorily completed the required work for the course will receive a certificate of completion.

For further information regarding a Job Training Program contact the JVS Adult Career Center Office at 440–774–1051 or 440-986-6601 extension 22254.