Winter/Spring 2014 Catalog
Customized Training
Attention Employers!

We provide customized training to meet your organization’s existing and future needs.

Call today to meet with a training representative to custom design training at our site or yours! 440-774-1051

Apprenticeship Training
Training in Industrial Maintenance, Millwright, Machine Repair, Automatic Screw Machine, Tool & Die, Machinist, or Sheet Metal Fabrication is a combination of on-the-job experiences designed to provide the apprentice with the skills knowledge necessary to function as a journeyman. For courses to apply toward a journeyman’s card, the student must be registered with the “Bureau of Apprenticeship Training” approved program, sponsored by their employer.
Assessment Services
  • Make the right hiring and advancement decisions.
  • Optimized employee performance and productivity.
  • Identify and address employee training needs
  • Reduce employee turnover.
Job Descriptions
Create descriptions that meet ADA, EEO and ISO requirements.
Job Profiling
ACT Workkeys is a job analysis system that helps employers identify the skill levels employees need to perform specific jobs efficiently!
Skills Assessment
A series of tests measure skill levels in employees or those being considered for new job assignments or promotions. Use these to match job profiles with an individual’s score on skills such as; math, technology, listening, locating information, observation, reading, teamwork, and writing.
Clerical Aptitude Tests
Assess speed and accuracy in performing perceptual tasks with attention to detail.
Instructional Support
Help develop trainers and revise curriculum to meet specific needs, provide support to upgrade low-performance, and assist learners improve their skills.
Pre-Employment testing – Skills Assessment
Select validated tests to determine the best job applicant job: Hands-on dexterity tests, academic tests, mechanical comprehension, computer aptitude, clerical skill, management skill and style, personality inventories.
Computer Information Technology Training
Experience hands-on information technology training on-site at your company or at the Lorain County JVS! Our trainers can use your facilities, our modern mobile classroom on your site, or use our computer labs located in Oberlin. Our IT Program Developer is available to meet with members of your professional development team to develop an effective and on-target training plan:
  • Customized Training Programs
  • Training Documentation and Customized Textbook Production
  • Professional Trainers
  • Pre-Training Assessment
  • Post-Training Testing
  • Vendor Certification Testing

Each class is customized to any level of proficiency you require, so there is a higher return on your training investment. Choose from a wide range of software applications and technologies:

  • Computer Operating Systems
  • Presentation Software
  • Word Processing
  • Project Software
  • Spreadsheets
  • E-mail & Collaboration Software
  • Database & Database Management
  • Web Development & Services
  • Mobile Computing
  • Convergent Technologies
  • Customer Relations Management (CRM)
  • Digital Photography & Streaming Media
  • Financial Applications
  • Security & Firewalls
  • Networking
  • Computer Maintenance

We provide your business with the training solutions and tools that help your employees gain the knowledge power to succeed in your business. The result: A knowledgeable, effective work team that gives you and your business their personal best!

Mobile Computer labs available for up to 12 students for on-site training.

Health Care and Safety Services
Medical Coding, Billing and Terminology
First Responder
First Aid
AED (Automated External Deliberator)
Human Resources
Hiring talented, knowledgeable people is a requisite for success. But it is not the whole picture. Companies around the world recognize that in order to gain a competitive edge, they have to make sure their people know how to handle themselves at work and how to relate effectively with customers and peers. From solving problems to providing information, these critical competencies are an essential part of success.

When its time to focus on soft skills training as a tool to improve performance, leadership potential, and bottom line organizational success, consider the Lorain County Adult Career Center. We have successfully delivered customized training to local businesses and organizations in the following areas:

  • Pre-Employment Training Programs
  • Team Building: Ropes Course in the Kitchen
  • Team Building: Ropes Course in the Workshop
  • Emerging Leader Training
  • Contemporary Leadership Skills
  • Front-Line Supervisory Skills
  • Human Resources Assistant Program
  • Communication Skills
  • Effective Problem Solving Team Training for Six Sigma
  • Effective Problem Solving Team Training for Kaisan
  • Customer Service Skills
Industrial Maintenance
Industrial Controls
Electric Motor Maintenance
Lift Truck Operation
Preventative Maintenance
Industrial, OSHA, and Quality Training
Technical and Shop Math
Blueprint Reading
Measuring Instruments
CNC (Computerized Numerical Control)
Welding Certifications
ISO 9000/2000 Consulting
ISO 9000/2000 Internal Auditor Training
OSHA 1910-29CRF for Machine Shop Environments
10-Hour Building Trades Course
SPC (Statistical Process Control)
Graduate courses for Teaching Professionals
Many other offerings
Small Business Management
Develop a business plan
Effective marketing management essentials
  • Responsive
  • Competitive
  • Effective