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Displaying Last Names Beginning With R
Name Department Job Title
Ramirez, Jan High School Industrial Electricity (IE) Instructor
Reed, Daniel High School Civics/Government
Reeves, Tim High School Network Communications Technology I & II Instructor
Rennie, Michele High School Administrative Assistant - High School Principal
Richard, Barry Central Office Board Member
Robson, Denise High School English Instructor
Robson, Eric High School CRL/CE Instructor
Robson, Lisa High School Early Childhood Education II (ECE) Instructor
Rodriguez, Betty Adult Career Center Administrative Assistant
Rodriguez, Jason High School Carpentry Instructor
Rose, Alyssa High School Culinary Arts I Instructor
Ross, Jessica High School Administrative Assistant - Recruitment/Student Services
Rotuno, Tracie Central Office Treasurer's Office - Administrative Assistant
Rounds, Lara High School Science Instructor
Rudisill, David High School Masonry Trades (MT) Instructor
Runkle, Christine High School Science Instructor
Rush, Stormy High School Computerized Design and Drafting Instructor
Rybarczyk, Jan High School Corporate & Community Partnership Coordinator