Quick Links

Employee Shortcuts
Formshare (ProcessMaker)
To create a requisition and personal visitation request
HR Kiosk
Employee Kiosk and IPDP
Incident Technology Request
To open up a help desk request (internally only)
JVS Application
An online application
Microsoft Office 365
Microsoft Office 365
Password Reset Portal
Faculty and Staff can change their LCJVS Password accounts from anywhere with internet access
Power Teacher
Teachers can access Power Teacher from anywhere
PowerSchool Administrator Login
Administrative Login to PowerSchool
Progress Reports
Online Progress Reporting system for teachers.
Public School Works-Employee Safe
Training page and accident reporting for staff
Public School Works-Student Watch
Accident reporting for students
SAFE Account Login Page-ODE
For License Renewal
School Dude (Use Firefox Browser)
To fill out a non-emergency building work order and to fill out a building use form
Staff Voice Mail
Faculty and Staff can access their voice mail from any computer with speakers