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Career Based Intervention

The Career Based Intervention training program is designed to serve academic under-achievers and those students who may be at-risk for graduation. These students often have become discouraged with school because of factors that result in a lack of interest and poor attendance.

The program attempts to reorient students' attitudes toward high levels of achievement in school and work and to reinforce their social responsibility to our society. It is hoped this can be accomplished by arranging suitable, on-the-job training and related instruction to develop feelings of accomplishment and success.

Career Based Intervention students work during the lab portion of their school day in the local business community and receive high school credit for this work experience.

This program is for students who:

  • Have a valid driverís license
  • Are physically able to work
  • Have been recommended by school personnel

Program Highlights:

  • Earn school credit and wages
  • Receive a regular high school diploma
  • Develop proper work habits and learn to get along with others
  • Have an opportunity to succeed in school

Transportation to and from school and the job is the responsibility of the student.