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College Tech Prep
Digital Media Arts

Students become skilled in creating, designing and producing multi-media products and services. They use film, video, computers and other electronic tools and media to create such things as computer games, web sites, movies, music videos, audio recordings, and commercials. Students are exposed to business skills and practices that will help them succeed in a professional environment. College credits are available upon successful completion of this program.

Program Highlights

  • Articulated College Credits
  • Computer Animation
  • Digital Imaging
  • Interactive CD-ROM Creation
  • Photography and Lighting
  • Presentation Design
  • Special Effects
  • Video, Film & Audio Production

Students completing the high school lab portion of the Tech Prep program may qualify for college credit at LCCC.

Job Possibilities

  • Graphics design & layout (video, print, on-line)
  • Photographer
  • Video/Television/Multimedia production
  • Web site design & layout

Personal Qualities Suggested

  • Appreciation of music and art
  • Be creative
  • Be able to work well in a team or independently
  • Attention for detail

Suggested Prerequisite Experienced

  • Successful completion of 9th grade proficiency tests
  • Courses in Algebra I, keyboarding, computer applications, art or music

Equipment Students Will Be Trained To Use

  • Intel/Windows computer workstation
  • Image scanner, digital camera, color inkjet & laser printer
  • Video camera, tape & disk-based recorder, special effects software
  • Microphones, digital & analog audio recorders

With Further Education These Job Opportunities are Possible

  • Audio producer/engineer
  • Video/Television/ Multi-media Producer or Director (commercial or industrial)
  • Webmaster or Digital Media producer
  • Media consultant (combined with marketing & PR skills)

Special Note

Tech Prep is a statewide education initiative focused on preparing students for today's high-skill, high wage technical careers.

In Lorain County the JVS, Lorain County Community College and area businesses have formed a partnership to develop an education plan for Digital Media Arts. (DMA).

Juniors stay at their home school for their academics and other extracurricular activities and have their technical lab experiences at the JVS.

Between the junior and senior years, eligible students have the opportunity to participate in a Summer Internship. The Internship is a work - based training experience involving paid on-the-job training for credit.

At the completion of the high school portion of Digital Media Arts students can:

  • Attend Lorain County Community College to pursue an Associate of Arts degree
  • Enter the workforce well prepared for a technical job
  • Continue their education at a four-year university or other post-secondary institution