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    Math and Masonry Go Hand In Hand
    Masonry Trades senior, Jarred Gawelek (North Ridgeville) assists 9th grader Jayson Keenan (Wellington) in the Masonry Trades lab

    March 17, 2017

    Ninth grade students in the Lorain County JVS Career Readiness lab are gaining hands on experience in the Masonry Trades job field. These students are working with the senior Masonry Trades students to push the knowledge that they have been learning in their own lab even further.

    Mr. Eric Robson, Career Readiness Instructor stated, "Here at Lorain County JVS, we give our kids the opportunity to work hands on in all of our labs. Today, they are getting to use the mathematical skills that they are leaning in their academic courses, in the world of masonry."

    Students are mixing mortar, working with levels, taking measurements, using trowels and wet masonry saws, along with building structural block walls and decorative brick walls.