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    Mock Disaster Drill Helps JVS Students Earn First Aid and CPR Certification
    Allied Health junior Angelina Gonzalez (Wellington), tends to the injuries of Bakery & Pastry Arts senior Hannah Morgan (Elyria)

    November 13, 2017

    The Allied Health Sciences junior students put their first aid and safety skills to the test in a mock disaster drill scenario. Students had to assist patients at different stations who had suffered injuries and trauma from a "big boom" mock disaster that took place in the Bakery and Pastry Arts lab at the school. 

    With injuries that varied from burns, broken bones, lacerations and knife wounds, seniors in the Bakery and Pastry Arts program served as the patients.

    “In lab, the students are taught and tested on all items related to first aid and safety, but this mock disaster drill puts them on the spot and prepares them for real life scenarios,” commented Allied Health Sciences Instructor Holly Sofia. “Even though the day's activities were a drill, the students saw the important implications of being prepared for a major event." 

    Students were observed and graded by Clyde "Skip" Gentry, the Director of the South Lorain County Ambulance District, as well as senior students in the JVS Allied Health Sciences program, who are certified in First Aid and CPR. 

    Genalda Finley, Allied Health Sciences junior from Firelands stated that participating in the mock disaster drill helped her learn how to handle a real life situation better than she could have learned from just the textbook. “This drill helped me better understand how things are done in a real setting with an actual patient,” shared Finley. Lijanna Marcano, Allied Health Sciences junior from Elyria said parts of the drill were more difficult than she expected. “You have to remember a lot of steps, like your ABC’s, which stands for airway, breathing and circulation, and when you are in an actual situation, with a real patient, I found it was challenging, but will better prepare me for the future.”

    This exercise was the students’ final assessment for their First Aid and CPR certification. Students who earned the certification will also receive two college credits for the coursework taken at the JVS.