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    Carpentry Students Build Space for Those Who Give Back
    Brevin Bonnett (Brookside) works on the Community Cares storage garage with his classmates

    November 14, 2017

    After searching for nearly three years, June Yost, CEO of North Ridgeville Community Care, and her team, found someone to build a storage garage they desperately needed -- 14 someone’s to be exact. The senior Carpentry class from JVS is busy working on the storage garage that will house the larger items that are donated to the organization.

    “People want to give us larger things like furniture, tables and appliances and we needed a place to put these items so that we can give them to people, our clients, when they need them, and we never had a place,” explained Yost. “It was one of our board members who suggested checking with the JVS, to see if possibly one of their programs could be of some assistance, and this is the result of that.”

    The storage garage is 18 feet x 20 feet and the students have been busy working on it since the middle of September. Kent Hurlbert, senior from Midview, shared how he really liked all the aspects of the job so far, especially setting the posts. Hurlbert added that it has been enjoyable working with his classmates on a large scale project that has a real meaning behind it.

    “It is really cool to go out in the community and build something that has a purpose and is going to be used,” said Hurlbert. “This building is going to help a lot of people. They have been waiting a long time for this, so for it to happen, and for us to be able to do it, is really cool.”

    “We are just thrilled,” commented Yost. “My husband and I enjoy watching the students work when we get the chance. My husband even said, when you stop and think that for each thing they do, the teacher is there instructing this group of young men on what is done and why, it is truly remarkable the skills that they all have.”