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    Masonry Trades Students Build Holiday Spirit
    Chimney and Grinch display built and painted by the junior masonry trades class

    November 29, 2017

    For the ninth consecutive year, the junior Masonry Trades class is taking part in the ‘Holiday Lights’ event at the Lorain County Metro Parks Carlisle Visitor Center. David Rudisill, Masonry Trades Instructor, enjoys being a part of this event each year. “This is a fun project for my students to work on. It gives them real world experience with things they have been learning in lab; like how to use the wet saw and take measurements, and it is also something they can be proud of,” stated Rudisill. “The students bring their families out to the event, share their work with them and even take pictures. It is a nice tradition for my class.”

    The theme for the event is classic holiday movies. “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” has been the movie selection for the JVS for the past few years. This year, the students created and painted a chimney, complete with the Grinch peeking out, a Christmas tree and gift boxes. Cindy Lou Who, Max, the reindeer-dog, and a sleigh are a part of the display as well. These items were created from past classes and are being used again this year.

    Masonry Trades juniors Tucker McKinley from Avon Lake and James Osborne from Firelands shared their favorite parts of this project. “I learned a lot when we were cutting the bricks to the precise measurements. I was able to take lessons from my math course and apply them to this project,” shared McKinley. Osborne is looking forward to sharing his work with his family, when they attend the event together.

    You won’t want to miss these spectacular pieces designed, built and painted by JVS students! The ‘Holiday Lights’ at the Carlisle Visitor Center takes place now through December 30.