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Top Ten Things Parents Should Know About Lorain County JVS

Our Career-Technical Programs are Hands-On
Not everyone learns through traditional classroom techniques! Our students use equipment, tools and supplies to perform jobs that simulate actual work situations. Students are involved in hand-on career-technical activities: building houses, filming and editing movies, designing amusement park rides, fixing vehicles, networking computers, preparing meals, programming robots, producing precision metal parts, preparing financial reports, styling hair, and more.
Our Curriculums Offer Career Training
JVS students receive training that provides them with an advantage in the job market. The majority of our programs provide “Industry Certification,” including apprenticeship training, to students who complete the two year curriculum.
Numerous JVS Programs are Granting Free Articulated Post-Secondary Credits to Students who Meet the Qualifications
Colleges and trade schools are offering free credits toward an Associate or Bachelors Degree. Yes, you can attend the JVS and still go to college!
Our Students Win Awards and College Scholarships
As members of our Career-Technical Organizations, students compete locally, statewide, and nationally, winning many awards and receiving numerous scholarships. Each year we have a number of students who are inducted into the National Technical Honor Society.
JVS students are able to Participate in Sports and Extra Curricular Activities at Their Home School
Students can learn skills for their career and make new friends without giving up home school activities. We encourage students to participate in athletic programs and other activities at their home school.
JVS students may be involved in Work-Based Learning Experiences
These community work experiences are designed to let students sharpen the skills they’ve learned in their career-technical labs and acquire new competencies that are specific to the worksite.
Our students Can be Considered for a Summer Internship Experience
The JVS Summer Internship Program is an on-the-job, paid training experience in which our students earn 1.5 high school credits. The Summer Internship Program is designed to enhance student skills that strengthen personal qualities important in the workplace.
Senior Students Have Early Job Placement Opportunities
Qualified senior students can be involved in this training option that aids in the transition from school to work prior to graduation. Eligible students are permitted to work and be paid at an approved job during the lab portion of the school day.
JVS Students are Given the Chance to Try Non-Traditional Occupations
We break the mold! Girls can work as mechanics, masons, and plumbers; boys are involved in early childhood education, nursing and cosmetology. Students are encouraged to follow their interests.
The Lorain County JVS is a Tool Cool School
Students are treated as young professionals in their occupations. They use state-of-the-art equipment in up-to-date labs that simulate a true work environment. Community business and industry partners provide input on tools and equipment to be used in training.