JVS Healthy Restart Available

The JVS Healthy Restart Plan is now available! Please visit our webpage for full details and the upcoming high school schedule.  

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Message from the Superintendent

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Message from the Superintendent

Hello JVS Family,

We are excited to announce our JVS Healthy Restart plan for the upcoming school year. This plan was developed with extensive input from our families, our staff and faculty, the Ohio Department of Education, and the Lorain County Health Department. 

Creating this plan was not easy, but our most important consideration is, and always will be, making sure that we keep our students and staff safe while providing the best possible hands-on education. We strongly believe in the value that the JVS brings to its students, and that value in large part comes from face-to-face time with instructors in their field.

As of July 28, our plan is to split our students into two in-person cohorts. The first group attends class in person on Monday, Tuesday, and every other Wednesday. The second group attends class in person on Thursday, Friday, and every other Wednesday. As we all know, decisions can change quickly during this time. If instructed by Governor DeWine or the Lorain County Health Department, we may need to modify this plan, but we will update you right away if that happens. 

If parents choose, they may send their child to the JVS for labs only, and complete academic classes remotely. Please keep in mind that all labs are required to be in-person. We will not have a remote option for those classes at this time. 

While you are at the JVS, please follow a few critical health practices. Anyone coming into the building, including students, faculty, and staff, must complete the Health Assessment before they arrive. If a student, staff member, or faculty member is in any way sick, please DO NOT come to the building.

All students, staff members, and faculty members will be required to wear a face mask or face shield while they are in the building. The only exceptions will be with a doctor’s note explaining why they are unable to wear a face covering. 

We expect anyone in the building to follow the hygiene practices promoted by the CDC. That means keeping 6 feet of distance from others, regular and thorough hand washing, using hand sanitizer, and staying home if they are sick.

Please go through our JVS Healthy Restart website for the full plan, a quick start guide, the health assessment, and more. On August 5, 2020 we are hosting a Facebook Q&A video session to answer any questions you may have. Please submit your questions to [email protected], and we can address them then. Stay tuned for more details on this event.

Thank you, and stay healthy!

Dr. Glenn Faircloth

Lorain County JVS Superintendent 

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