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A Message from the Director

Kristian Smith, Director Adult Career CenterGreetings from the Adult Career Center! By now you may have seen the Winter/ Spring catalog in its new format and new content. We hope you like the new look and please take some time to read about our new courses.

The catalog also contains some great stories that highlight the success of select students and industry partners. As I learn more about my new role as the leader for the Adult Career Center, I am always looking for ways to enhance what we do well while working to improve other areas of the Center. If you did not get the newest catalog, check it out right here on line.

We are working hard in the Adult Career Center to meet the current needs of our students as well as the future needs of the workforce, and doing it all with the goal of exceeding all expectations. A long time ago, I worked for a company that instilled this into my brain, “to exceed our customers’ expectations” and it stuck with me as a kind of personal creed.

During the years in which I taught in the classroom, that creed is how I planned my daily lessons. As a classroom teacher, my students were my customers. To this day I keep my focus on always trying to do the right thing and try to exceed peoples’ expectations. If we can exceed our customers’ expectations, everything else will fall into place. In this sense our customers are many; from our students and our teachers, to the companies for whom they work.

In striving to exceed your expectations, please let us know what your expectations are and how we can better serve you as current and/or prospective students, and employers of our students. I truly am interested in learning what we can do to serve you. Please contact me at ksmith@lcjvs.net to begin a discussion.



Kristian Smith