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Adult Career Center

Academic and Grade Requirements

​To successfully complete a program, 90% attendance and a 77% academic average is required of each student.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

Students who are awarded Pell Grants and/Direct Stafford Loans must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress for continued aid eligibility.  All periods of enrollment count toward Satisfactory Academic Progress (Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer), including periods when a student does not received Title IV aid (Pell and Direct Stafford Loans). 

Satisfactory Academic Progress at Lorain County Joint Vocational School Adult Career Center is defined as a 77% grade average and a 90% attendance rate (Pace of Completion).

To maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress, students also must maintain pace of progression (90%)  to ensure completion within maximum timeframe. Students must maintain pace that will ensure completion within 111% of published length of program.

If a student is on an approved leave of absence, when the student returns, they will return at the same timeline of their previous maximum time frame.  In addition, if a student has approved transfer hours, these transfer hours are counted towards the 111% maximum timeframe of the published length of the program.  The GPA is not counted for transfer credit hours.

Lorain County JVS does not permit students to transfer between programs once they have been officially admitted to a specific program.  If a student would like to enroll in a different program, the student must withdraw and complete the admission process for the new program they have selected. Lorain County JVS does not offer withdraw passing vs. withdraw failing.  A student must complete the entire program.

Lorain County JVS does not offer individualized courses, rather, training is delivered as one comprehensive program over a designated period of time.  Students do not have the option to repeat portions of their program. Lorain County JVS does not offer incomplete grades.  If a student needs additional time to complete a course, they should contact the Director of Adult Education as part of their appeal process.    In addition, Lorain County JVS does not offer remedial courses.  A tutor is available to students for assistance with coursework.  Students must work with the tutor outside of class time.

  • Example: A student enrolled in a 1,500 hour program that meets 20 hours per week would be 75 weeks in length.  111% of 75 weeks is 83.25 weeks. A student enrolled in this program may receive aid while enrolled in this program for up to 83.25 weeks to complete the 1,500 clock hours required for successful completion.  The 1,500 hour program at 111% would allow for up to 1,665 hours to complete the program as a maximum time frame.

***Lorain County JVS will evaluate Satisfactory Academic Progress at the end of each payment period.