JVS High School Students Receive State Tested Nursing Assistant Certifications through LCCC Partnership

Lorain County JVS Allied Health Sciences students are getting a jumpstart in the healthcare industry through a partnership with Lorain County Community College that allows them to become state tested nursing assistants (STNAs) during the summer between their junior and senior year of high school.

JVS high school students in the allied health sciences program recently found out they had passed the Ohio State test for nursing assistants. The successful students had to first complete classroom and clinical work, and with just a month into their senior year, they are officially STNAs.

“This certification allows these students to work in different facilities, as nursing assistants. Some of the students choose to work as STNAs now, during their senior year of high school, while others choose to wait,” shared Susan Wallace, allied health sciences instructor. “In the future, there are certain healthcare programs that either encourage or require them to take this course, so this opportunity allows the student to gain this certification earlier than others.”

Gaining this head start was important for Cassandra Armstrong, allied health sciences senior from North Ridgeville. Armstrong knew that attending the JVS would allow her to gain college credits and earn certifications and an associate’s degree much faster.

“I want to be a nurse practitioner, working in the field of trauma, and I know how much schooling this will take,” said Armstrong. “Coming to the JVS and being in the allied health sciences program, is giving me a big step forward and is a big help for me to get to where I want to go in my career.”

The allied health sciences program has opportunities for students to gain other certifications as well. The phlebotomy course is offered during their senior year and at the end of the year, graduating seniors can choose to participate in the JVS Adult Career Center phlebotomy externship program to become certified phlebotomists.

Lijanna Marcano, allied health sciences senior from Elyria, who completed the STNA program, is pursuing a phlebotomy certification after graduation this year. “I want to be a pediatric nurse, and these extra certifications I’m earning are great because they are prerequisites for me and now I will have them completed so much earlier,” said Marcano.

Students also earn their CPR/First Aid and OSHA Healthcare certifications.

“Our student’s interests range from those who want to be at the assistant level, all the way through the doctoral level,” shared Wallace. “Our program is about giving the students the tools, the skills and the foundation they need to be successful in whatever career path they choose.”