Lorain County Growth Partnership Celebrates Manufacturing Month in October

The Lorain County Growth Partnership kicked-off the Lorain County 2018 Manufacturing Month activities at Riddell in North Ridgeville, Ohio on Friday, October 5 with several businesses, county officials and educators in attendance.

Manufacturing Month host Ben Marker, General Manager of Riddell said students coming from a Career Tech background like JVS already have a leg up and they are already learning the basics. “They’re not coming in brand new to an organization like Riddell. They already have a basic understanding of specific skills.” 

The Lorain County Growth Partnership’s goal during Manufacturing Month is to create awareness of manufacturing in Lorain County and to highlight career pathways in manufacturing to local students and transitional workers. Our collaboration with the business and education sectors provides the opportunity for the open dialog to understand the skills needed for future employees and allows our schools to show what they are doing to prepare students for the workforce.

Tony Gallo, Lorain County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, emphasized the importance of working with the educational institutions to strengthen the local manufacturing industry. “Manufacturing in 2018 is not what it was ten years ago, and it’s not going to be ten years from now. The business community is lucky to have JVS and LCCC and those equipping students with the necessary skills to succeed in the manufacturing industry as well as other careers.”

During October, business and education partners have developed a series of activities for high school students and adult learners. 

“The JVS has planned many activities to promote Manufacturing Month,” said Dr. Glenn Faircloth, Superintendent of Lorain County JVS. “We feel very strongly about preparing students for the world of work now.  In our manufacturing programs, our students are receiving invaluable hands-on training in their labs, and will able to transition into the workplace with industry credentials and the skills needed to be successful.”

Members of the LCGP include the Lorain County Commissioners, the Lorain County Chamber of Commerce, Lorain County Community College, Lorain County Community Development, Lorain County JVS and Ohio Means Jobs Lorain County. 

October 5 Manufacturing Month Kick-off at Riddell
October 5 Thogus Products Tour LCCC and LCJVS students
October 5 LCJVS students tour EMC Precision Machine
October 5 LCJVS students tour Bettcher Industries
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October 19 LCGP Manufacturing  Panel Keystone High School
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October 25 Entrepreneurial Engagement Ohio STEM Innovation Forum
October 26 LCGP Panel - NR Ranger Tech. Academy- including JVS student panelists
October 26 LCCC Techno Friday
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