How the Masonry Trades Students Didnít Steal Christmas!

They are the nice ones, Mr. Grinch! For the tenth consecutive year, the JVS junior Masonry Trades class is taking part in the ‘Holiday Lights’ event at the Lorain County Metro Parks Carlisle Visitor Center.

For the past few years, the students have created and painted iconic characters from the classic holiday movie, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” and with the release of “The Grinch” in movie theatres now, the students were excited to bring new life to a favorite holiday character.

Emily Penner, Masonry Trades junior from North Ridgeville, worked on the display last year when she was shadowing the masonry program as a sophomore, and was excited to take the lead on the project this year.

“I worked on the Grinch, the moose, who is a character in the new movie, the Christmas tree and painted the sleigh,” shared Penner. “Last year my parents and I brought my niece out to the event, and now I’m really excited for them to see all the new pieces I personally worked on this year.”

David Rudisill, Masonry Trades Instructor, enjoys having this be a tradition for his program and looks forward to it each year. “The fun thing for me about this project is that the students don’t actually think they are learning, but this is exactly what we are doing out in the field, we are just making it out of holiday items.”

The theme for the holiday lights event is classic holiday movies. This year, the students created and painted the Grinch, the moose, a Christmas tree, new presents and gave the sleigh a fresh coat of paint. Cindy Lou Who, Max, the reindeer-dog, and the chimney are a part of the display as well, and these items were created from past classes and are being used again this year.

Visitors can vote on their favorite display, and the masonry students hope you vote for number 23 “The Grinch”. Votes are taken inside the Carlisle Visitor Center, where refreshments are also offered for a small fee, courtesy of Friends of Metro Parks.

You won’t want to miss these spectacular pieces designed, built and painted by JVS students! The ‘Holiday Lights’ at the Carlisle Visitor Center takes place November 23 through December 30.