9th Graders Build the Tools They Need to Succeed

JVS 9th graders had a need in their lab and decided they had the knowledge, tools and skills to complete the task themselves.

Dylan Weese, 9th grader from Elyria, explained the project. “We needed a welding cart in our lab to hold the metal pieces so we took the project on in lab.”

Taking the project on meant the students had to cut sheets of metal, make angles and weld the pieces together. To complete the project the students primed the cart and then painted it black.

Weese shared that he most enjoyed the welding portion of the project and the angles were the most difficult piece. “Cutting all the angles correct was tough,” said Weese. “We had to think out the math and make it just right.”

Looking towards the future, Weese has already applied to the JVS for the 10th grade and hopes to be accepted so he can shadow the Industrial Equipment Mechanics, Commercial Truck Technology and Collision Repair programs.

JVS Career Exploration students, those in the 10th grade, have the opportunity to shadow a JVS career-technical lab each quarter. Upon completion of their sophomore year, students are then able to make an informed decision when applying for a two-year career-technical program.