Students Learn Skills that Advance their Careers

Students in the Commercial Truck Technology (CTT) program are learning skills that will give them a headstart in their careers, and are also discovering the great value of teamwork.

David Sampson, junior from Midview, selected the CTT program because he enjoyed working on tractors and old cars when he was younger. He knew he wanted to learn more about these things but more importantly, wanted to be able to get a job doing something he really enjoyed.

“I’m so happy that I made the choice to come to the JVS,” shared Sampson. “ My favorite part of lab is being in small groups with my classmates. This allows us to work together, help each other and figure the process out as a team. Right now, my friend and I are currently taking brakes off a freightliner semi, redoing the wheel bearings, taking a look at the steering and suspension and making sure it is all sound.”

The friend Sampson is referring to is Tucker Miller, his classmate that he met through his JVS program. Miller is a junior from Avon Lake, and like Sampson, always had an interest in trucks and engines growing up. “My interest has always been with big trucks and engines, but I never really had anyone to teach me about them. I knew the JVS could teach me this trade and that I will be able to carry this with me into my future,” said Miller.

Miller toured the JVS as a sophomore and knew the CTT lab was for him immediately. “As they say, bigger is better,” Miller said with a laugh. The education he is getting though is nothing to laugh at. Miller is a straight A student and will be inducted into the National Technical Honor Society later this month.

Ryan Peters, senior student from Columbia, is a four-year JVS student. Peters explained why he and his family chose the JVS for him as a 9th grader. “I like to get my hands dirty and work on things. I’m a hands-on learner, and the JVS gave me the opportunity to learn in a way that was better suited for me than a traditional high school classroom setting.”

Peters’ advice to other students and parents who might be thinking about the JVS but aren’t sure it is for them, is simple. “You have to come out and see what they have to offer. You get the same education as your home school, but also gain incredible skills that you will carry with you into your future.”

“My lab has taught me how to fix cars, how to use diesel engines and tune them, how to fix semi-trucks and other heavy-duty machines,” Peter explained. “This program is so well rounded, it has given me the tools I need to jump start my career.”

According to Peters, it has also given him friends with similar interests and goals; friendships that he hopes last a lifetime. “I’ve made some good memories with the people I’ve met these past four years. I’m so happy I chose Lorain County JVS.”

After graduation, Peters plans on putting himself through college, attending the University of Northwestern Ohio for commercial truck technology, and eventually get a job in tuning and performance.