9th Graders Make the Perfect Fit

Ninth graders are learning basic plumbing skills in a unique way. Eric Robson, 9th and 10th grade lab instructor, is teaching his students about CPVC piping, which stands for Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride.

Robson shared that CPVC piping can withstand higher temperatures and is more flexible. As part of the project, his students are making their initials with the piping, which made the assignment more personal and something they could take home and share with family.

Ronald Malone, 9th grader from Elyria, said first, the students had to dry fit the pieces together. The next step was to add adhesive, then put water through them along with pressure to see if the pipes would explode or leak, and if they did, they had to figure out how to make the correct adjustments.

“Math played a big part in this project, and I didn’t think about that at first,” said Malone. “If you don’t have it measured out exactly right, then the pieces won’t fit together correctly. I had the top part of my ‘R’ too big, and the pipe was popping out, so I had to measure it again and make sure I had the exact same measurements as the other part so that it fit perfectly. We also had to make sure that the finished project was eight inches high.”

Malone said he enjoyed the assignment and loves the hands-on learning he is getting at JVS. Students who are in the 9th grade at JVS spend three periods a day in their lab and use different types of equipment to work on projects, learn appropriate safety procedures and obtain a variety of skills that will help them focus on a successful career choice.