Effective Communication both internal and external is vital to the success of every school district. It enables the administrative leadership team to positively influence attitudes and behaviors that lead to a wide range of desired outcomes from securing support for school programs to increasing student enrollment. 

The Department of Communications oversees marketing and public relations, recruitment, career services and business partnerships. We are in “the business” of ensuring that information is disseminated to all of our stakeholders.  Our team is also responsible for overseeing district-wide events including working with younger populations at JVS workshops and camps.

We have several ways we are communicating with the community including:

  • JVS Website          
  • Social Media
  • Publications
  • E-Newsletter
  • Mailings
  • Print Media
  • Radio and Television
  • Community Events/Activities

Our Team

Cheryl Fridenstine


Cheryl Fridenstine – Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator ext. 22433





David Keller


David Keller – High School Recruiter ext. 22323            




Annette McIver


Annette McIver – Career Services Specialist ext. 22468   




Tina Hayslett


Tina Hayslett – Education and Recruitment Coordinator ext. 22245        



Cindy Breda


Cindy Breda – Administrative Assistant ext. 22289