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Maintenance of equipment and general laborer

  • Job Number: 4470
  • Date Posted: September 25, 2018
  • Application Deadline:
  • Company Name: CustomChrome Plating
  • Address: 963 Mechanic St.
  • City: Grafton
  • State: OH
  • Telephone: 440 926-3116
  • Fax: 440 926-2551
  • Fax:
  • Web Address:
  • Contact: Megan Sumpter
  • Full-time or Part-time: Full Time, Part Time
  • Days & Hours: Mon.- Fri 7:00-4:00 Anytime in between for part-
  • Type of Work Environment:
  • Manufacturing/Welding/CAD
  • Responsibilities / Skills Needed: We are willing and able to train. People with mechanical skills and ability to use their hands are candidates. Also, self motivation and pride in accomplishing tasks are needed.
  • Pay Range: $8-10/hr. based on exp.
  • Position Requires: Background Check, Drug Test
  • Apply for this position: Apply in Person, Work through JVS Career Services Office

Additional Information:

Health care, vacation pay, and retirement plans are all available to those that continue to work into a permanent full time job.