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Industrial Electronic Technician

  • Job Number: 4617
  • Date Posted: January 23, 2019
  • Application Deadline: March 24, 2019
  • Company Name: AJ Rose Manufacturing Company
  • Address: 3115 W. 38th
  • City: Cleveland
  • State: OH
  • Zip: 44109
  • Telephone: 4409342815
  • Fax:
  • Web Address:
  • Contact: Leanne Orange
  • Full-time or Part-time: Full Time
  • Days & Hours: Monday-Friday 3:30pm-2m
  • Type of Work Environment:
  • Manufacturing/Welding/CAD
  • Responsibilities / Skills Needed: Industrial Electronic Technician

    Scope of job: Installation, wiring, assembly and system tests applied to assembly machines, spinning machines, presses, feeders, welders, robots, trouble shooting,multiple PLC, CNC software packages, machine retrofitting, assists maintenance dept. to troubleshoot maintain production equipment to ensure that all machines will operate when required or needed

    Electrical Skills
    PLC Knowledge
    Mechanical aptitude
    People skills
    Problem solving skills
    Range: Assists the electrical technician and the maintenance department in troubleshooting and repairing electrical problems and wiring changes to machines above all maintaining machine operation is top priority

    Experience level:

    Reports to: Electrical Engineering Supervisor

    Education: Associates degree in a technical field or high school with equivalent experience

    Industrial electrical maintenance postition to maintain a troubleshoot a variety of production equipment.
    Electronic testing equipment: voltmeter, electronic sensors
    Knowledge of NEC codes and requirements
    Machine control systems, including PLC, CNC Robotic hardware knowledge.
    Manufacturing processes in stamping industry
    System engineering


    Discusses layout and assembly procedures and problems with electrical technician or engineer and updates sketches to clarify design details and functional criteria of electronic units.
    Builds, tests, troubleshoots, repairs, and modifies equipment and systems: includes developmental and production electronic components, parts, and equipment, such as wiring and machine tool numerical controls, electrical circuitry, engineering mathematics, electronic and electrical testing
    Handles panel design and implementation or complete prototype model according to engineering instructions, technical manuals, and knowledge of electronic systems and components.
    Troubleshoots and repairs servo drive control systems
    Conducts functional, environmental, operation, and life tests to evaluate prototype or production model
    Works with outside engineers on troubleshooting system problems and products
    Uses computer to document troubleshoot PLC programs and check out machine operations
    Troubleshoot PLC, CNC, and Robotic software packages

    Electrical maintenance
    Wires and installs modifications and new control panels for assembly machines, spinning machines, presses, feeders, welders, and CNC machine retrofitting
    Installs and maintains new equipment: fuse boxes, lights, light screens
    Diagnoses malfunctioning apparatus, such as transformers, motors and lighting fixtures using test equipment replaces damaged or broken wires and cables using hand tools
    Tests malfunctioning machinery using test equipment and discusses malfunction with other maintenance workers such as machine repairer or toolmaker to diagnose malfunction
    Installs and repairs electrical apparatus, such as transformers and wiring and electrical and electronic components of machinery and equipment
    Replaces faulty electrical components of machine such as relays, switches and motors and positions sensing devices using hand tools
    Maintain, repair and install new wiring and devices for the phone and computer systems
    Wires control panels: mount device, run wiring, terminate, and check out

  • Pay Range: $20-$26/hr
  • Position Offers: Health Care, Retirement, Vacation
  • Position Requires: Background Check, Drug Test
  • Apply for this position: Apply Online, Via Email, Work through JVS Career Services Office