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High School

High School Overview

The Lorain County JVS is a cooperative effort among 13 participating school districts in Lorain County to offer quality career-technical programs to students.

Lorain County JVS offers over 30 two-year programs to students from the following school districts: AmherstAvonAvon LakeClearviewColumbiaElyriaFirelandsKeystoneNorth RidgevilleOberlinSheffield-Sheffield Lake and Wellington.

At the Lorain County JVS students receive individualized, hands-on learning experiences in their chosen career fields. Students are taught job skills on modern equipment with an emphasis on the technical approach to learning. The JVS philosophy emphasizes strengthening work ethics, and linking skilled individuals with the business and industrial community through job placement.

The JVS student concept is enriched through a well-balanced program of academics, work-based learning experiences and youth club activities.

Students are encouraged to base their career decisions on firsthand personal information and are invited to visit the JVS during Sophomore Career Days or the annual JVS Open House. Dates for these events can be found under the school calendar on this web site.

We hope you will use this on-line resource for detailed information about the many career-technical programs available at the JVS.

Personal tours for students and/or parents can also be arranged by calling the Student Services office at (440) 774-1051 (Elyria/Oberlin), (440) 986-6601 (Lorain). You may also e-mail your questions to us at info@lcjvs.com.