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Career Services

The Career Services Office acts as the liaison between JVS students and employers. Because of the strong partnerships that exist between the JVS and the business/industry community, students will have the opportunity to experience the world of work as early as the second semester of their junior year. Exposure to a professional work environment helps JVS students make better decisions about their futures and prepares them to meet the demands of the workplace.

Some of the opportunities available for students to gain work experience during their time at the JVS include:

Work-based Learning Experiences

JVS Summer Internship Program

Early Job Placement

Student attendance, skill competency level, and teacher recommendations are all factors that are considered when qualifying a student for these experiences. Use the links on the left sidebar to learn more about these programs. A detailed explanation of the student eligibility requirements for these experiences is included in the JVS Student Handbook.

For more information contact the Career Services Office at (440) 774-1051 ext. 22327.

Annette McIver – Career Services Specialist 
PH: (440) 774-1051, ext. 22468