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Hospitality Services - B

Program Highlights

Safely operate restaurant and institutional equipment | Prepare hotel room using appropriate skills | Operate commercial washing machine and dryer

Program Description

Hospitality Services - B is a one year training program which requires a special recommendation from the student's school counselor.

Students learn job skills that focus on developing employability skills necessary to advance in the food service and hotel industry. Students participate in many lab activities by working in the Culinary Academy, working at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel. This program allows students to work with the most up-to-date equipment as they begin to train for a career in the industry.

Teacher Information

Mrs. Maurina Driscoll  Maurina Driscoll
  High School

 Hospitality Services B Instructor
 Phone: (440) 774-1051 ext. 22338

Program of Study

Lab: 3 Credits
Related: 1 Credit
Basic English: 1 Credit
Math: 1 Credit

No elective periods are available for Hospitality Services Program students.

Hospitality student and instructor straining pasta.
Hospitality Students Standing in front of the CourtYard Marriott Sign
LCJVS student cooking
Hospitality Student making food.

Competency Profile

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Employment Resources

Strong partnerships between the JVS and business and industry help students gain work experience through work-based learning experiences, the JVS Summer Internship Program, and senior early job placement. The JVS is committed to helping successful graduates find employment in their career field. A detailed explanation of the student eligibility requirements for these experiences is included in the student handbook.

The JVS maintains an online job board to help connect students and alumni to local employment opportunities. The JVS website also hosts links to online resources for labor market data, as well as statewide and national career information.