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High School

Web & Graphic Design

Program Highlights

Ad Promotions | Animation, Drawing, 3D and Video Software | Coding for Game and Web Creation | Competitive Events | Graphic Design | Photography | Real World Projects from Area Businesses | Typography 

Program Description

Students will become skilled in transforming photographic images through the use of software photo editing techniques and digital cameras. Visual design principals and technical art skills come into play when learning to design, develop, and produce interactive media projects, websites, graphics, animation, game design, and social media contexts.

Teacher Information

Tina Krosse
High School

Web & Graphic Design Instructor
Phone: (440) 774-1051 ext. 22513

Program of Study

Junior Year Courses

Lab: 3 Credits
English: 1 Credit
Math: 1 Credit
Science: 1 Credit
Elective: .5 or1 Credit

Senior Year Courses

Lab: 3 Credits
English: 1 Credit
Elective: 1 Credit
Math: 1 Credit
Civics/Government: 1 Credit

Electives are subject to availability and schedule.  Not all electives are available every semester.  Past elective options have included the following classes:

Accounting, Financial Literacy, Communications, Public Speaking, Entrepreneurship, Forensics, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Studies, Vertibrate Zoology, Psychology, Sociology, Military History, Modern Social Issues, Practical Computer Applications, Exploration of Literature, Literature and Popular Music Literature and Films, Computer as a Writing Tool, Health, Healthy Safe Foods, Adult Living, Employability Skills, College 101, Study Skills. 

Math Options: Tech Math 330, Tech Math 121, Tech Math 122.

English and Government Options available with teacher recommendation:  Oberlin College Writing, Oberlin College Government.


LCJVS student demoing a project on the television
Web & Graphic Design student working with code on a computer.
Two Web & Graphic Design Students working on creating a model on the computer
LCJVS students taking photos of a students sitting at a table holding a coffee mug

Career Pathways

  • Graphic Designer
  • Illustrator
  • Multimedia Specialist
  • Photographer
  • Print Advertising
  • Videographer
  • Web Designer
  • Webmaster

With Additional Training:

  • Design Director
  • Creative Director
  • Web Developer
  • Webmaster

Competency Profile

Click here to view the Competency Profile

College Credits

Upon meeting specific criteria, students have the opportunity to earn various types of college credit for career technical courses taken at Lorain County JVS. Students also have the opportunity to participate in Ohio’s College Credit Plus program. College credit opportunities vary by program and are subject to change.

Student Organizations

Students are encouraged to become involved with the career-technical student organizations related to their programs, such as Business Professionals of America. These organizations help develop leadership skills, cooperation, social interactions, and good citizenship. All members have opportunities to participate in regional, state, and national competitions to showcase their skills and earn college scholarships. Students who excel academically and have a commitment to community service may become a member of the National-Technical Honor Society.


Employment Resources

Strong partnerships between the JVS and business and industry help students gain work experience through work-based learning experiences, the JVS Summer Internship Program, and senior early job placement. The JVS is committed to helping successful graduates find employment in their career field. A detailed explanation of the student eligibility requirements for these experiences is included in the student handbook.

The JVS maintains an online job board to help connect students and alumni to local employment opportunities. The JVS website also hosts links to online resources for labor market data, as well as statewide and national career information.