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JVS Teachers Go From Exploration to Education

Three alumni of the JVS Teacher Education Exploration program, are now current JVS teachers.

Shayla Greer, Nate Hartsel, April Stuart

The mission of the JVS Teacher Education Exploration (TEE) program is to encourage interested high school seniors to enter the teaching profession by providing them with the support and training necessary for success as both students and teachers. To find out if that mission is proving to be successful, we didn’t have to travel very far.

Shayla Greer, Nate Hartsel and April Stuart are all alumni of the LCJVS Teacher Education Exploration program, and are now current JVS teachers.

“The JVS helped me make a decision that I knew I would not regret,” shared Greer, who is a 9th and 10th grade Career Readiness and Exploration lab instructor. “How many 18 year-olds can leave high school knowing exactly what they want to do? I am lucky this program was available.”

Stuart, a civics and government teacher, described how it is nice to be a part of the school that helped create who she is as an educator. “I love being a part of this school because they helped form my philosophy of education. It is really nice being able to provide an example of success to students coming in to the JVS, so they can see one of the many possible routes they can take.”

The TEE program is a one year training program that allows high school seniors to explore the field of education. The program ensures college readiness and exposure to college, provides education related to teaching and learning, offers internship experience under the guidance of an experienced teacher, and promotes a positive attitude towards teaching.

“Being a part of the TEE program reaffirmed my desire to be a teacher,” said Hartsel, a civics and government teacher. “I love being able to work with students daily and have discussions about their futures. Being back at the JVS has been very rewarding and makes me feel at home.”

According to Greer, being a TEE student allowed her to see the “behind the scenes” part of education. “Education students in college think the classroom looks a certain way, but you don’t understand all that goes into teaching until you’re in it and doing it each day. I got to see that aspect of it before I stepped onto my college campus.”

Stuart shared similar experiences from her TEE program. “I was offered more classroom experience throughout the TEE program than I was throughout my first year of college. The program opened my eyes to a side of education I had not experienced before, by interviewing teachers I was shocked to learn some of the behind the scenes information about what it’s really like to be a teacher.”

Their reasons for choosing to become a teacher varied, but one common element came through; helping to prepare the next generation for success. “Connecting with students and helping them see the bigger picture is so important to me,” said Stuart. “I want to help them be prepared to be active citizens of their communities and it is always nice to hear from past students about the impact I made on their lives, because often times, they have made the same kind of impact on me.”

“In my current teaching role, I have the opportunity to teach skills students can use in their daily in life,” Greer said. “It is awesome knowing that I am helping a student develop into a successful adult.”

With over 23 career tech programs available, the Lorain County JVS offers so many career and college paths for students. “I wish people knew how many options we have here at JVS,” said Hartsel. “There are so many opportunities here for students to pursue their passions and get a jump start on their future.” 

Posted Thursday, March 5, 2020