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PLTW-Engineering Class Constructs Claw Machine

Seniors demonstrated their skills and teamwork by creating a fully functional claw machine.

Close-up of the 3-D printed claw, designed and printed by Isaac Dandrea, a senior from Clearview.
Seniors at Lorain County JVS in the PLTW-Engineering program recently demonstrated their skills and teamwork by creating a fully functional claw machine. Guided by their instructor, Mr. Bryan Wanosky, the students undertook the challenge of building the machine from scratch.

Ethan Homolya, a senior from Amherst, highlighted the importance of the initial stages, explaining, "The first step of the project was making rough sketches of what we wanted the project to look like. Once we agreed on the best design, we started prototyping and testing out different theories.”

Isaac Dandrea, a senior from Clearview, taking the lead on the claw design, shared, "I wanted to build something that could mainly move on its own and use a wire to pull it tight. Once the concept was decided, I created it in the software program and then 3-D printed it."

Kahvon Johnson, a senior from Amherst, designed the case using 3D CAD software, while Homolya focused on the joystick design, incorporating springs for a genuine feel. Trinity Blum, a senior from North Ridgeville, implemented a credit system using a card reader. Blum explained, "We used a card reader with an optical detector. When you place the red card in front, it detects the color and allows the machine to work."

The claw machine will stay intact as a showcase in the classroom to inspire future students.

Wanosky praised the students, saying, "This has been a highlight for me. These students did an excellent job working together, communicating, managing their time effectively, and handling the technical aspects."

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Posted Friday, January 5, 2024