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Bakery Students Advance to State Competition

Four bakery and pastry students advanced to the FCCLA state competition.

Gabrielle Brown (Clearview) bakery and pastry arts senior smiles in lab
Four bakery and pastry students advanced to the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) state competition to be held virtually this April.
Bakery and Pastry Arts instructor, Chef Chris Moore, shared that his students adjusted very well to how the competition looked this year. 
“Everything is virtual, meaning no traveling to a site and participating in front of judges and everything is submitted online, which presented its own set of challenges with technology. In the end it is a positive challenge for the students, in that they must adapt to the new set of circumstances and push themselves outside their normal day to day activities,” said Moore. 
For senior student, Nicole Von Seggern, the difference of this year’s competition, compared to previous years, took some getting used to. “I pretty much had to forget everything that I learned about competitions last year because this year with filming, you could stop and start your video and edit it as well. It is also different because I’m in an environment that I’m comfortable with, and not working in a space that is completely new to me.”
Von Seggern also said that those things gave her a level of comfort she previously didn’t have. She also shared that not having the judges there in person, looking over your shoulder while you prepare items live, was also different, more comfortable, but presented a new set of concerns.
“I’m not nervous to compete at the state level, but I do know that having our competition filmed, also means that the judges can stop the film at any point, watch it as many times as they want, and see every detail they want to,” Von Seggern said with a laugh. 
“Competition is difficult enough, making something and being judged based on your results, but now throw in the COVID situation and our school schedule and it makes that much more challenging,” said Moore.  “These students pushed themselves and didn’t allow any of these factors to deter them from the challenge presented before them.  They worked outside their comfort zone and were rewarded for that. For me, that is the definition of success!”
The students and the events?they?took part?in are listed below by?associate?school district.?? 
Gabrielle Brown, bakery and pastry arts senior, competed in the pastry tray and hospitality and tourism events.
Skyler Basch, bakery and pastry arts senior, competed in the cake decorating event; Christina Rutherford, bakery and pastry arts junior, competed in the cake decorating event. 
Nicole Von Seggern, bakery and pastry arts senior, competed in the cake decorating and hospitality and tourism events.

Posted Monday, April 12, 2021