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Brian Paradis

Brian Paradis
Networking Grad Pursues Degree in Computer Networking
Brian Paradis, Network Communications Technology, Class of: 2014
Lorain County JVS Grad Pursues College Diploma in Computer Networking

Brian Paradis' fascination with computers began in childhood.

"I knew early on that technology was going to play a big part in my life," said Paradis, a computer technician and assistant to Sheffield-Sheffield Lake School District Technology Director Doug Cogdell. "I just wasn't sure what career path to take."

But that path became clear after Paradis' 8th grade class visited the Lorain County JVS for a tour.

"That field trip opened my eyes. I was awestruck," said Paradis, 19, a 2014 graduate of the JVS Network Communications Technology Program. "I thought it would be just another high school, but it was more like a college campus. I had no idea that they offered technology training. It got me thinking seriously about my education."


Paradis first worked for Cogdell during his sophomore year at Brookside High School, learning about servers and repairing computer equipment, projectors and SMART boards.

When the Sheffield-Sheffield Lake School District posted a job for a computer technician in 2013, Paradis jumped at the chance to return to his home school district. The position qualified as an internship through the JVS Career Services office, earning Paradis not only a paycheck, but school credit.

Paradis became Codgell's assistant during the internship, supervising the school district's four technicians. He went to work at the Sheffield Sheffield-Lake School District full-time immediately after he graduated.

Paradis' most recent assignment involves partnering with MT Business Technologies, replacing the school district's old copiers with leased copiers. The switch will save the district about $20,000 annually, according to the school district's website.

Linking the district's computers and printers, which includes six schools and the administrative building, was a big project said Paradis.

"Working the server-side was very challenging - getting the copiers and printers to communicate with the server," he said. "It was a real learning experience for me."

A new high school-middle school, scheduled to open in August, will keep Paradis' crew busy during the summer, setting up studio and video production labs for the school's Video Club.

"These labs are used to produce high quality videos of school athletic events and other student activities. The equipment is used to record and edit the videos that are then streamed through the district's cable channel," Paradis explained.

All that responsibility, and college, too!

"College was always in my plans," said Paradis, who will be the first in his family to earn a college diploma.

"Doug (Cogdell) is very supportive, so my schedule is very flexible," said Paradis, who is using the University Partnership Program at LCCC to earn his Bachelor's Degree through The University of Akron.

Paradis earned college credit at the JVS, which gave him a jump start on his degree and made the transition to college a little easier.

"I was confident and a couple steps ahead of some of my classmates when I started college," he said.

Paradis said that he also learned to budget his time wisely.

"As a high school student I didn't know how much time management would impact my life, but I understand now how important it is," said Paradis, whose trusty companions are his smart phone and computer tablet. "My phone is my day planner and I can connect with any server in our district with my tablet, where I can make changes to new computers, and reset passwords and codes."

Paradis said that he is very happy and wants to assume a bigger role in the district's technology department after earning his degree.

"I'm at a great point in my life; I have peace of mind and a very promising future," he said.

And Paradis' advice to potential JVS students is simple: "Pay attention. Apply yourself, and take advantage of every opportunity."
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