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Craig Kroll

Craig Kroll Process Engineer Begins His Stuccessful Care at the JVS

Craig Kroll, Computerized Design & Drafting, Class of: 1991
When her son, Craig Kroll, made the decision to attend the Lorain County Joint Vocational School, Rebecca Jones found herself frequently defending his decision.

“I had some initial misgivings when Craig first said he wanted to attend the JVS,” admitted Jones. “We would frequently get comments from our friends like, ‘I’m surprised you let Craig make that decision.’”

“After some thoughtful discussions, Craig’s father and I decided that if he wanted to go to the JVS, we would support his decision,” affirmed Jones. “I’m proud to say it was one of the wisest ‘family decisions’ we have ever made.”

Jones recalled that her son, a 1991 Wellington High School graduate, decided early on that he wanted to do study something a little different than what was offered in a traditional high school.

“Craig’s father was a draftsman, so he was specifically interested in the Computerized Design and Drafting Program offered at the JVS,” stated Jones.

“Craig was an average student when he first started high school,” continued Jones. “I knew he could do better, but he never pushed himself.”

“This all changed when he became a JVS student,” stated his very proud mother. “He excelled because he was doing something he liked and the education was ‘hands-on’: he could physically see, touch and understand the benefits of what he was learning.”

Craig completed the two-year Computerized Design and Drafting Program and was hired by Shiloh Industries/Sectional Die in Wellington upon graduation. He started work in die design and was promoted to process engineer in 1998. He was promoted again to corporate tool process engineer in 2000 and then transferred to the company’s Cleveland facility in 2001. He moved to the company’s new corporate facility in Valley City in 2004.

“In his current position, Craig receives a blueprint or 3D CAD data and makes suggestions on how to design a part for the best possible use and cost savings,” Jones said.

“He establishes the process required to manufacture the product, determining how it will run in production, the size required to produce the product, and the best location in the corporation for the manufacturing process. He then establishes a baseline estimate for the tooling costs and timing,” Jones continued. “It’s very detailed work.”

“The JVS experience helped Craig become a very motivated young man. He received a solid foundation in entry-level skills that helped him move on to a good job when he graduated,” stated Jones. “In fact, he earns a higher annual salary than any of our other children, even those with college degrees!”

Jones, a master’s level urban planner for the Lorain County Community Development Department, isn’t saying that she doesn’t endorse a college education.

“Many parents push their children to go to college because they think a college degree defines success,” stated Jones. “I don’t disagree that a college education can be very beneficial. I just believe there are many kids who aren’t ready for college directly after high school and there are programs offered at the JVS that can lead to very lucrative careers. My son Craig is living proof of this.”

“Our kids who went to college also had a hard time finding a job in their fields,”
stated Jones. “Craig never went through that. With the help of the JVS he was able to get a good job and he’s been recognized for this hard work by a series of promotions.”

“And as an added benefit, his employer paid for him to attend Cuyahoga Community College to get his journeyman’s card,” said Jones.

Craig agrees with his mother’s assessment of the JVS and the impact it had on his life. “At the JVS I was able to focus on the career path that I was interested in. The teachers were industry-trained professionals, so they knew better than anyone how to prepare me for the skills that were needed in the workplace.”

“I also believe I was well prepared for college,” continued Craig. “I found that when I started taking my college courses many of them were an extension of the coursework I did at the JVS”

“I believe the JVS is a great choice for anyone who plans to enter the workforce OR college after graduation,” continued Craig. “The JVS helped give me the knowledge, direction, and confidence that I needed to advance in my career.”

Even though it’s been several years since Craig graduated from the JVS, Rebecca Jones still feels passionately about the positive effect the Lorain County JVS had on her son Craig, and offers this advice to other parents, “We have to trust our children to know what they want. Kids who choose to finish their high school education at the JVS aren’t ‘less smart’ than those who finish their high school education in a traditional high scho
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