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Greg Smink

Greg Smink
JVS Graduate Shines at Smink Electric

Greg Smink, Industrial Electricity, Class of: 1979
Who says “lightning never strikes twice?”

It did when Keystone High’s Greg Smink enrolled at the Lorain County Joint Vocational School’s Industrial Electricity Program.

Now more than a quarter of a century later, it’s no shock that he’s still involved with electricity and the JVS.

Greg was in junior high school when he first became interested in the electrical field. At that time, his father, John Sr., was doing a lot of work with television antenna installations and later with satellite dishes.

“From taking care of homeowners who just want a plug installed to troubleshooting a manufacturing facility, we do just about everything electrical,” said Smink.

Smink has remained plugged into the JVS. He has hired dozens of JVS students to work for his company and also volunteers his time on the Industrial Electricity Advisory Committee. Advisory committees help the JVS stay current with program curriculum and industry standards.

For Smink, it’s all about the customer. And he transfers that same priority through his workers and student staffers.

“In this business you have to be of service to people,” Smink said. “It’s gratifying to work with people who often know my parents or other family members.”

But he also knows that the business does give a positive jolt back to him as well.

“Working as an electrician gives you a personal sense of accomplishment,’” Smink continued. “After a job is done, you look back at what you’ve accomplished and you can feel proud of your work.”

The JVS Industrial Electricity program trains student electricians in maintaining and installing motors, transformers, control instruments, lighting systems and many other different types of electrical equipment used in industrial and residential settings. Students also learn about computer program controls, conduit bending and installation of commercial and industrial wiring. Other components that are taught include: wiring diagrams, code requirements, residential and commercial wiring, motor controls, and electromechanical blueprints.

Smink credits the JVS for being the conduit to his ongoing success. Life’s ultimate light switch went “on” for Smink when he realized that he… “Could apply what I learned at the JVS to the real world of work,” he said.

Family members and co-workers agree that Smink is a very bright guy.

For the total “AC/DC” on the Industrial Electricity Program, visit www.lcjvs.com or call 440-774-1051.
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