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JVS Summer Internship Program

JVS Summer Internship Program

 The Summer Internship Program is an on-the-job, paid summer training experience for high school students for which a student earns 1.5 school credits.

The goal of the Summer Internship Program is to enhance student competencies and develop additional skills that strengthen personal qualities important in the workplace.

A Summer Intern will work a minimum of 180 hours at a job related to his/her program of study. There is no limit to the amount of additional hours the Intern may work.

Summer Interns are paired with a trained mentor from the company they are working for. This person is an experienced employee that the student can learn from and model. A JVS Job Coach (usually the program instructor) will also visit the student at the worksite several times during the Internship. The Job Coach will help the student adjust to the workplace culture and work with the mentor to evaluate job performance.

Students who successfully complete the Summer Internship may be eligible for job placement as early as October of their senior year.

All junior students are eligible to apply for the Summer Internship Program. Applications are available from the lab instructors in March. The application process is selective and students must meet the following criteria to be considered for an Internship:

Attendance: A maximum of 7 days (42.91 hours) absent allowed through the 3rd grading period. Tardies to school will be included.

Teacher Recommendations: All teachers must recommend the student for placement by signing the student's application.

Grade Point Average: Students must have earned an overall 2.5 cumulative GPA in all academic courses taken at LCJVS, and a 3.0 GPA in their lab by the end of the 3rd grading period.

Suspensions: Students with less than 5 days out of school suspensions (OSS) may be considered for the internship with review and approval by the Principal and/or Assistant Principals.

Graduation Requirements: Any student who is credit deficient will be looked at on an individual basis. Students deficient by 2 or less credits may be eligible to participate in the Summer Internship program. Students exceeding that number will not be eligible to participate.

What Are Some Other Student Requirements?

Fees Paid - all fees must be paid in full or a payment plan must be established before a student can be accepted into the Summer Internship Program. Students who need financial assistance can contact the Student Services Office about the "Students in Need" grant. Students can see the JVS Cashier to set up a payment plan.

Transportation -a valid driver's license and/or reliable transportation.

Interviews -a mock interview with a JVS staff person is highly recommended prior to the formal interview with the employer.

Resume -it is recommended that an updated, typed and error-free resume be submitted with Summer Internship application.

Work Site Observation -students may complete an unpaid work-based learning experience (or working interview) at the prospective worksite prior to the internship.

Personal Development Seminars -participation required at all scheduled activities.

Hours -student required to work a minimum of 180 hours.

When Will The Students Be Selected?

  • Students will be notified of their acceptance by the end of April.
  • Employment may begin the Monday after the last day of school.

What Are The Student Benefits?

  • Earn money while earning school credit and building the resume with related experience.
  • Gain valuable workplace skills and competencies.
  • Acquire 1.5 elective credit hours.
  • May qualify for earlier job placement in their senior year.

To get full credit for the Internship and be eligible for early placement students must:

  • Work a minimum of 180 hours.
  • Attend all scheduled Summer Internship Workshops.
  • Complete and turn in the following documentation: training agreement and wage & hour form.

Not completing all necessary requirements for the Summer Internship as stated above, will affect a student's early placement privileges in their senior year.

Summer Internship students are exempt from all federal and state unemployment taxes. Students must be covered under a company's Workers' Compensation Insurance.

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