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Marian Hunker

Marian Hunker
Cosmetology Grad Opens The Velvet Turtle Salon
Marian Hunker, Cosmetology, Class of: 1989
Ever since Marian Hunker was a little girl, she wanted to open a hair salon. Now that dream is coming true as she prepares to open The Velvet Turtle Salon on West College Street in Oberlin, next to Gibson’s Bakery.

“It has always been my goal to have a salon,” Hunker said. “And this is the perfect location.”

Hunker graduated from Oberlin High School in 1989, after completing two years in the Lorain County JVS Cosmetology Program. She has been doing hair for 17 years, having worked in a number of shops.

The name of her shop comes from her childhood.

“When I lived out in California, I remember seeing the name and falling in love with it,” she said. “Probably since I was about 15 years old, I said I would like to own a salon and name it The Velvet Turtle. It’s been a dream of mine, so I had to stick with it.”

She said she resisted the urgings of her children to bring her two pet turtles, Sparky and Larky, into the shop. But she said she will likely have something to point to the reptilian motif.

“I might have to get one of those big velvet turtles for the kids to play on while they’re waiting,” she said. “And I’ll probably have a pond in the front window. But no turtles.”

She said she hopes the unusual name will give customers some indication that hers is not a normal hair salon. Her mission statement includes a pledge of community involvement.

“I want to make a difference,” Hunker said. “I’m part of the ‘Cut It Out’ Program for domestic abuse and I plan to have a lot of fundraisers.”

She said she plans to have local bands play at the shop on a regular basis to raise money. She would also like to have local artists come in to create artwork to auction for charity.

“That’s the biggest thing for me,” she said. “I love to do hair. I’m kind of artsy anyway, so it’s not even like a job for me. But I really want to be involved in the community.”

Re-written with permission from Paul Morton, Oberlin News-Tribune, November 22, 2005
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