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Michelle Kepic

Michelle and Sherry Kepic A Mother's Perspective

Michelle Kepic, Early Childhood Education, Class of: 2010
A Mother's Perspective
Lorain County JVS- Prepared Daughter for Work, College, and Life

Do you ever wonder why some people are known as "straight 'A' students" while other people struggle in high school - even though they're smart?
People learn in different ways and Sherry Kepic, of Avon Lake, knew she had to seek out an innovative and hands-on learning environment to help her daughter Michelle succeed in high school.

"I don't learn best by listening to lectures and reading books," Michelle said. "The traditional high school classroom was never a place I felt comfortable in-I was bored and I missed a lot of school."

Mrs. Kepic admits she was caught off guard when her daughter arrived home one day raving about the JVS Early Childhood Education Program. She had the opportunity to visit the program during her sophomore year, attending the school's sophomore career days along with other students from Avon Lake High School.

"Honestly, I signed up to tour the JVS because it was another chance for me to miss a day of school," Michelle admits.

"As soon as I walked through the front door, I knew the JVS was something special," she said. "The instructors were so out-going and energetic-they made me feel like I belonged there. I couldn't wait to enroll."

"I couldn't believe how Michelle's face lit up when she returned from her JVS visit," Mrs. Kepic said. "She was so excited-this didn't seem like the same girl who had me at my wits end trying to find ways to get her out of bed and to school every day!"

Even though Mrs. Kepic was encouraged by Michelle's enthusiasm, at first she wasn't completely sold on the idea of her daughter attending the JVS. "My perception of the school at that time was that it was a dead-end, last-resort place for kids that didn't want to go to college," she said. "Boy was I wrong!"

Seeing the JVS environment for herself during the school's annual open house eased many of Mrs. Kepic's fears, along with assurances that her daughter would not be excluded from extracurricular activities at Avon Lake High School.

"The JVS offers students so many opportunities," affirmed Mrs. Kepic. "After I had the chance to meet some of the instructors and staff and see the school for myself, I was convinced that this was the right place for Michelle."

"During her first year at the JVS Michelle decided she loved coming to school and her grade point average soared," stated Mrs. Kepic. "She ended her first semester with a 3.42 GPA and competed in career-technical FCCLA competitions at the national levels in Nashville and Chicago."

"I earned a silver medal in my junior year, and a gold medal in my senior year," stated Michelle. "Winning these competitions gave me such a sense of accomplishment!"

"Most importantly, the experiences she had and the coursework she was exposed to prepared her well for her future and especially for college. She got a jump start on her education by earning 13 college credits toward her degree for classes she took at the JVS, graduating from the Early Childhood Education Program in May, 2010," confirmed Mrs. Kepic.

Michelle is majoring in Early Childhood Education at Lorain County Community College and Ashland University through the University Partnership Program beginning with Fall Semester 2010. "And I earned three scholarships awarded by the JVS Teacher's Association and Educational Foundation and three scholarships awarded through Avon Lake High School. "These scholarships have helped me with my tuition and expenses."

"Michelle was definitely in good hands at the JVS," stated Mrs. Kepic. "Her instructors saw something special in her- their confidence in her excited her about learning."

"I learned something, too," Mrs. Kepic continued. "The Lorain County JVS is not the last-stop, the end to education-rather, the JVS makes your education endless!"
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