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Vanessa Pocock

Vanessa Pocock Adult Student Overcomes Obstacles To Complete CBT Program

Vanessa Pocock, Adult Career Center-CBT, Class of: 2006
Achieving your goals can sometimes be difficult. No one knows this better than Vanessa Pocock who “took a leap of faith” and made a life-changing decision to learn new skills and improve her employment potential.

“I’m a single mother with two small children and I was working as a machine operator,” stated Vanessa. “I was at a point in my life when I wanted a better job to support my family.”

After receiving an Adult Career Center catalog in the mail, Vanessa thought she might be interested in taking some night classes.

In the process of learning about her options at the Adult Career Center she met with JVS instructor Terri Brennan. Terri gave Vanessa an overview of the nine-month Computerized Business Technology (CBT) Program.

“After meeting with Vanessa, I felt that a full-time career development program might offer her more in-depth training and the advanced skills she would need to help her in her job search,” stated Terri. “I encouraged her to think about the CBT Program as an option to meet her career goals.”

“Even with all of Terri’s encouragement, I wasn’t sure whether I could handle a program that was four days a week, from 9am-4pm and lasted for nine months,” stated Vanessa. “I work full time, have two children who are only four and six years old, and I like to volunteer at their schools and stay involved in parent groups there.”

After thinking about it for a few days and talking it over with her fiancée, Vanessa realized that although this was a very big commitment, it was a decision she was determined to make.

“After making some creative arrangements for babysitters for my children and enrolling them in day care and kindergarten, I called Terri and told her I would be able to attend the 2005-2006 Computerized Business Technology Program,” affirmed Vanessa. “I couldn’t help but wonder what I had got myself into!”

“It was one of the best decisions I have ever made,” continued Vanessa. “I’m so thankful Terri took the time to encourage me to enroll in this program. I loved every minute of the class.”

While a student in the program, Vanessa received her Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification in both Microsoft Word and Excel. As part of her training she completed internships at both Forest City Technologies, Inc. in Wellington and Oberlin College.

“While working as a machine operator at Forest City Technologies, a customer service representative position within the company was posted,” stated Vanessa. “I applied for the job, took the skills test, and interviewed along with six other candidates for the job.”

“I received a call after the testing was graded and learned that I was one of two candidates being called back for a final interview with the entire customer service team,” continued Vanessa.

“As part of the interview I took my career portfolio with me to share with the six people on the interview panel,” said Vanessa. “We compiled career portfolios as part of our program. My portfolio included my industry certifications, resume, grades, competency lists and several work samples which I shared with the team.”

“A few hours after the interview, I was called and offered the position,” affirmed Vanessa.

“The JVS Adult Career Center gave me the knowledge and confidence I needed to complete the training and secure this position,” she continued. “I couldn’t have done it without all the help I received from my instructor Terri Brennan and everyone at the JVS.”
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