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  • Graduate Says JVS Gives You A Head Start

    Graduate Says JVS Gives You A Head Start
    Nicole Oliva

    June 27, 2017 -- Nicole Oliva, 2009 Lorain County JVS Web & Graphic Design (WGD) graduate, shared some insight with current students on what role the JVS played in her current career.

    Oliva, a computer programmer and quality assurance technician at Discount Drug Mart Headquarters in Medina, Ohio, shared with the WGD students that it was the technical skills and training she received at the JVS that made her the desirable candidate for her first position at Discount Drug Mart. 

    Starting out as a cashier, photo technician and bookkeeper, Oliva has been with Discount Drug Mart since 2009. She got promoted to her current position and made the move to the corporate office in 2015.

    Oliva said, "The JVS classes helped me out a lot. I used the resume that I made in my JVS English class for my very first interview. Mrs. Krosse, Web & Graphic Design Instructor, helped me out so much and I have her to thank for the skills I have and use now in my current job."

    "There are so many jobs for people who have graphic design and programming skills," continued Oliva. "If you love this, keep it up! All the hard work is worth it, and the JVS really gives you the head start above the rest!"

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  • Adult Career Center Students Graduate!

    Adult Career Center Students Graduate!
    Chelsea Otero, Precision Machine Technology graduate, receives her career-technical certification

    June 15, 2017 -- The 2017 Lorain County JVS Adult Career Center Recognition Ceremony was held on the campus of the JVS on Wednesday, June 14th, with 24 students receiving career-technical certificates in their respective fields.

    Students from the Auto Technology, Medical Assisting and Precision Machine Technology programs were recognized for their accomplishments during the evening ceremony. One student from each program was selected to speak about their experiences.

    “Our trade is one that affects all of us every single day. Most of us has a mechanic that keeps us going at the pace that society demands,” said Auto Technology graduate John Toman. “Whether it is personal vehicles, public transportation, taxi cabs or school buses, it’s a service that is in demand. It’s a service that is needed.”

    “I had many challenges, and even a learning disability, but the instructors and staff at the JVS Adult Career Center were with me every step of the way,” said Natacha Davila, Medical Assisting graduate. “I would say to anyone out there who is not sure what to do in life, is to try and not give up because there are people who will help you, like the Adult Career Center was there for me.”

    “I knew absolutely nothing about precision machine technology when I walked through the doors, and now I am employed at a great place that will bring many opportunities to advance my skills later on in life,” said PMT graduate Chelsea Otero. “I am so thankful for the PMT program and JVS for helping me find a career that I can retire from, that was really easy to learn and won’t put me in debt for the rest of my life.”

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