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  • JVS Interns Earn Over $260,000 This Summer

    JVS Interns Earn Over $260,000 This Summer
    Bakery and Pastry Arts students Erika Shaft and Marissa Ziegler smile with their Summer Internship Certificates of Completion.

    September 22, 2017 -- Eighty students successfully completed the 2017 Lorain County JVS Summer Internship Program earning over $260,000. A total of 62 different companies employed interns over the summer providing mentoring and valuable opportunities for students to practice the technical skills they learned at JVS in a work-based learning environment.

    Bill Elliott, Lorain County JVS Career Services Coordinator, said that the JVS has positioned itself with great workforce development opportunities regionally and that the skilled trades’ career prospects are strong and growing. “In this job seekers market, interns are putting their skill sets to the test in the field, with the hopes for long-term placement. In the past five years, the JVS has recorded retention rates in the 91st-95th percentile,” stated Elliott. “JVS is education that works not only for students, but for parents and employers.”

    Four students participated in unpaid internships like cosmetology student Jordyn Likes. She said she gained valuable experience nonetheless. “At Blue Water Salon in Grafton, I got a chance to observe five great stylists. I also learned a lot of great styling techniques, and was able to further my education at the time,” said Likes.

    RGI International Inc. in North Ridgeville, employed carpentry student Ethan Roy over the summer. RGI CEO/President Ryan Gerber said they look forward to having interns at his company. “I truly believe in giving back and sharing knowledge. At RGI, you also have a responsibility to give back,” said Gerber. “Some days interns are working on exciting big projects, while other times they are learning day to day operations.”

    The Summer Internship Program is an opportunity available to junior students who have successfully completed their first year of career-technical training, and who have superior attendance and strong teacher recommendations. This experience extends student learning beyond the classroom and provides students with real world work experience. Students also have the opportunity to interact with company employees and mentors, and develop a direct pathway to additional education and training or future employment.

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  • JVS Makes Gains on State Report Card but Focuses on More Improvements

    September 19, 2017 -- With Lorain County JVS, and other districts receiving the latest state report cards last week, Dr. Glenn Faircloth, Superintendent of Lorain County JVS says the district will continue to set goals to make even more improvements throughout the year and beyond. Based on the latest report card, JVS ranked 11th in the state among 92 other Career Technical Centers as well as districts who have Career Tech programs.

    The five components on the report card are: Achievement, Graduation Rate, Prepared for Success, Post-Program Outcomes and Federal Accountability Results. According to the ODE report, JVS saw improvements in the Post-Program Outcomes and the Graduation Rate.

    “The Lorain County JVS has made some gains on the ODE Report Card 2017. However, we still have much work to do," said Dr. Faircloth. “I’d like to thank the entire staff for all the hard work and the roles that everyone plays in our school district. Our Vision is to be the model education and career technical center in the state of Ohio by 2023. Together, we will make it happen.”

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