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    We'd Like Your Opinion

    September 15, 2014 -- The JVS will undergo a name change next year as one component of a comprehensive rebranding effort. The goal of this new marketing initiative is to help the JVS more accurately represent the relevant career-technical education available at the JVS and communicate our core beliefs.

    You can offer your thoughts on some of the new name options we are considering, or even write in a suggestion of your own by clicking this link. We appreciate and value your input.

    More information about the rationale behind the rebranding effort is available on the JVS website. Additionally, the Ohio Department of Education's "I am Career-Tech Video" also speaks to the transformation "vocational" education has undergone in recent years. One of the students interviewed in the video states "it's not your parent's vocational school anymore."

    The career-technical education taking place at the JVS is preparing students for an every-changing global, technology-driven world.

  • September 21 Brunch Proceeds from Dragon Ranch Golf Club to be donated to JVS for Scholarships!

    September 21 Brunch Proceeds from Dragon Ranch Golf Club to be donated to JVS for Scholarships!

    September 15, 2014 -- If you brunch at Dragon Ranch Golf Club Restaurant this coming Sunday, September 21, you will have the pleasure of being served by students from the Lorain County JVS Culinary Academy.

    Dragon Ranch owner, Ed Mullinax, invited JVS culinary students to work alongside his restaurant staff on September 21, during the hours of 10am-2pm. All net profits from the restaurant during that time will be donated to the JVS Educational Foundation to be earmarked for student scholarships.

    "It's a 'win-win' for everyone," stated Educational Foundation President Bob (Pogie) Pogorelc. "The student volunteers receive relevant work experience to add to their resumes, the Educational Foundation is able to provide additional student scholarships, and the Dragon Ranch staff gets several pairs of helping hands during their very busy Sunday brunch service." Students will be involved in many facets of the restaurant's operation including serving, bussing, food prep and cooking.

    "While we're happy to offer the students this opportunity to raise scholarship funds, we really want to invite the corporate community to help us up the ante," stated Jim McCourt, Dragon Ranch's General Manager. "Our goal is to get 20 corporate sponsors to match the money raised by the students."

    "If we could increase the donation by twenty-fold," continued McCourt, "the JVS Educational Foundation will be able to significantly add to the number of scholarships it awards to graduating seniors who want to continue their education."

    The sixteen student volunteers are participants in the JVS Summer Internship Program and are employed by other food establishments throughout the region. While working at Dragon Ranch, however, the students will be taking their cues from three JVS culinary grads who are running the kitchen: Head Chef, James Pogorelc (Class of 2004), Grill Chef, Christopher Merthe (class of 2009) and Assistant Chef, Garrett Moore (class of 2010).

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