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  • Students Participate in Masonry Skills Competition

    Students Participate in Masonry Skills Competition
    Tyler Wilfong, masonry trades senior (Wellington) during the competition

    December 10, 2017 -- Junior and senior students in the Lorain County JVS Masonry Trades program participated in the Ohio-Kentucky Administrative District Council of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers 9th Annual Holiday Masonry Skills Competition on Thursday, December 7th.

    The competition was held at the newly built Northern Ohio Regional Training Center in Amherst, Ohio. Twenty five competitors, 14 juniors and 11 seniors from seven school districts competed.

    Each student was given a blueprint that showed a brick and block project that had to be built in three hours. Bricklayers and advisory members were on hand to judge the projects based on correct design, level, plumb, square, tooling neatness and workmanship.

    Ken Kudela, Director of the Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers and 1980 graduate of the Lorain County JVS Masonry Trades program, shared how he got the idea to start this competition nine years ago. “When I was learning at JVS and started competing, the first competition we went to was the state competition to qualify for nationals. I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect. So when I got this current position and started running the training center, I thought why don’t we start a competition locally to help the kids get some experience in competing before they have to go to that next level.”

    JVS masonry trades juniors Jaren O’Conner (Elyria) and William Hawksley (Brookside) both shared how their Masonry Trades Instructor, David Rudisill got them prepared for the competition. “The work we do in our lab and all the time we had to practice really prepared me for today’s competition,” shared O’Conner.

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  • Memorial Display Remembers Those Who Lost Lives on the Roads of Lorain County

    Memorial Display Remembers Those Who Lost Lives on the Roads of Lorain County
    JVS students stand with their instructors by the memorial tree and banner on the JVS grounds.

    December 6, 2017 -- In Lorain County, 73 people died on the roadways between 2014 and 2016; with alcohol being the most common contributing factor. To date, 29 crashes (31 deaths) occurred in 2017 on Lorain County roadways and 43% of those crashes involved alcohol.

    The JVS has teamed up with the Lorain County Safe Community Coalition and other local agencies to help spread the word about the dangers of driving impaired, and the importance of safe driving, especially now during the holiday season. Drunk driving deaths occur all year round, but the holiday season is a particularly dangerous time due to a higher number of impaired drivers on the roadways.

    JVS students from the 9th and 10th grade Career Readiness and Exploration programs and the Landscape and Greenhouse Management program, worked together to create an 8 foot wooden Christmas Tree, decorated with evergreen swags and red ribbons, symbolizing those who lost their lives this year on the roads of Lorain County due to alcohol related car crashes.

    Jill Petitti,  JVS High School Principal and Safe Community Coalition member, shared how this tree is helping to start the conversation with her students. “The tree came out of an idea of wanting to have our kids involved in creating something that would commemorate those whose lives were lost on Lorain County roads and to also increase community awareness of the problem. Throughout this project we had discussions with our students about what the tree represents and why driving safely and wearing your seatbelt is critical. I think the tree is beautiful, but more importantly, it started the conversations with our students that maybe we wouldn’t have otherwise had.”

    Marketing and Management juniors are documenting the work being done on this memorial tree as part of a Business Professionals of America project called Broadcast News Production Team. The students are creating a mock newscast complete with video coverage and interviews. It is another way the JVS is spreading the word about the importance of safe driving.

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