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  • JVS PTA Hosts a "Dine to Donate" Event at Applebee's in Elyria on December 7th

    JVS PTA Hosts a "Dine to Donate" Event at Applebee's in Elyria on December 7th

    December 5, 2016 -- The Lorain County JVS PTA is hosting a "Dine to Donate" fundraiser at Applebee's in Elyria on Wednesday, December 7th.

    Anyone wishing to support the PTA can present their waiter with a special JVS coupon (click "Applebee's Dine to Donate coupon" under LCJVS PTA tab). You can also contact info@lcjvs.net and a coupon can be delivered to you by email.

    Applebee's will donate 15% of the cost of your order to the PTA. The event takes place between 11:00am - 9:00pm and includes carry-out orders.

    Applebee's is located at 1540 W. River Road North in Elyria.

    The Lorain County JVS PTA was established as a means of encouraging community involvement and raising funds to support student scholarships and activities that promote student achievement. More information about the JVS can be found on the school's website at http://bit.ly/LCJVSPTA.


    December 2, 2016 -- Yesterday, we were informed of a bed bug incident with a student. One bed bug was found at Lorain County JVS.

    Bed bugs are a nuisance, but their bites are not known to spread disease. Bed bugs are usually active at night and feed on human blood. The bite does not hurt at first, but it may become swollen and itch, much like a mosquito bite. Watch for cluster bites, usually in a line, on exposed areas of the body.

    The source of the bed bugs often cannot be determined, as bed bugs may be found in many places, including hotels, planes, and movie theaters. Even though it is unlikely for bed bugs to be spread in schools, Lorain County JVS took a pro-active approach by authorizing a certified exterminating company to conduct a thorough inspection, which resulted in no evidence or activity of bed bugs during their evaluation of the affected areas.

    Lorain County JVS will continue to provide regular and thorough inspections of our school, and have licensed pest control specialists treat the rooms routinely. Please refer to the Lorain County Health Department website for clarification of any questions that you or your child may have regarding this issue.

    If the circumstances warranted the closing of the school district, you would be notified by our All Call voice message system, postings on the JVS social media and through media news outlets, the same way we disseminate information due to school closings because of inclement weather.

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