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About the Lorain County JVS

The Lorain County JVS provides career-technical training for both the high school and adult populations of Lorain County. Thanks to the many specialized programs offered, the youth and adults of Lorain County are gaining technical skills on the leading edge of numerous occupations.

The Lorain County JVS was established in 1971 and is known as one of the finest career-technical facilities in the state of Ohio. It offers some of the most outstanding, nationally accredited career development programs in Northern Ohio.

The JVS is a 10-acre campus that houses both a Career-Technical High School and an Adult Career Center. It is located on a 100 acre site on the corners of State Routes 58 and 20, in Oberlin, Ohio. It is one of the largest career-technical facilities in the state of Ohio.

The JVS serves high school students from the following 13 school districts: Amherst, Avon, Avon Lake, Clearview, Columbia, Elyria, Firelands, Keystone, Midview, North Ridgeville, Oberlin, Sheffield-Sheffield Lake and Wellington.

At the JVS, high school students can explore over 30 career options through a wide range of exciting career and technical programs available in the following academies: Building Trades, Business & Marketing, Culinary, Manufacturing & Pre-Engineering, Transportation, Service, and College Tech-Prep.

The high school annually serves over 1,000 students on campus. In addition, the JVS provides satellite programs for an additional 700 students in our 13 associate school districts. These satellite programs include Network Communications Technology, Consumer & Family Science, Teacher Education Exploration, Career Connections, Career Based Intervention and GRADS.

The Adult Career Center was also established in 1971. It annually serves approximately 4,000 adults from all cities in Lorain County.

Many adult students prepare for their careers in full-time career development programs. Currently there are 13 such programs offered.

In addition to the career development programs, the Adult Career Center offers a large number of career enhancement and special interest courses. Courses are advertised to the public through the Adult Career Center course catalog which is mailed to households in Lorain County twice per year. This catalog is also available on-line, at this website.

Other components of the Adult Career Center include customized training, job profiling, and assessment services for business and industry. Services are provided on-site or at the JVS. For on-site training, a self-contained mobile training unit can be taken to the worksite to provide machine trades and computer training programs.

The Adult Career Center positions itself at the forefront of change, responding to the needs of Ohio’s business community and the demands of emerging technologies by providing an industry based curriculum.

We encourage you to learn more about the Lorain County JVS. You can find out how our programs and services can assist you by exploring this website, reading our catalogs or print material or visiting our facility. Be sure to contact us directly if you need more information at info@lcjvs.com.