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    Students Get CPR Certifications
    Kamieo Linden (Elyria) and Mason Huffman (Amherst) take part in the CPR/AED training from Jimmie Ward

    March 20, 2017

    Industrial Electricity (IE) juniors recently received their CPR/AED (Automated External Defibrillator) certifications. The training took place in their JVS lab and was taught by JVS Adult Career Center Public Safety Instructor Jimmie Ward, who is also a paramedic/EMT in Oberlin.

    Mr. Jan Ramirez, IE Instructor stated, "It is extremely important to me that every one of my students knows this skill and gets certified their junior year. You never want to have to use it, but it is essential, in the building trades industry, to have this knowledge."

    Derick Oswald, part time Adult Career Center Public Safety Instructor, paramedic for Oberlin and Wellington and firefighter for Wellington, was also on hand to assist with the training.