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Parent Testimonials

Parent Testimonials

Proud Parent - Michelle Vincent (Oberlin)
What Nicole has to say about LCJVS: "My son learns best hands-on. The most impactful things about the JVS is having all the support from his teachers, helping him stay on track."

Proud Parents - Mike and Dee Vicha (N. Ridgeville)
What Dee has to say about LCJVS: "Our positive experience at JVS has really been all encompassing. The teachers are invested in our son, specifically Ms. Greer and Mr. Robson, who continue to enable our son to see his potential every day. The support staff, especially Ms. Meadows and Ms. Kiss, have endless patience as they encourage Michael to give his best. Their approach to IEP students like Michael are paramount in our decision to keep him at the JVS for duration of his high school career. The education your child will receive at JVS, over and above the state requirements, from professionals in the industry will be so worth it."

Proud Parent - Janene Ellis-Sutter (Avon Lake)
What Janene has to say about LCJVS: "JVS has given my son a sense of independence and excitement towards his future career. Learning a trade empowers him for his future, rather than just gaining "head knowledge". Stay open minded, JVS isn't just a regular high school education, it's empowering our children with "life skills" that can be used in their immediate future and beyond. Learning a trade/skill does not mean your student may not also consider college. JVS merges regular education with life skills and creates an empowering experience for our students. They are the future!"

Proud Parent - Nicole Zahn (Clearview)
What Nicole has to say about LCJVS: "My daughter does better with hands-on learning. For parents thinking about sending their child to JVS, I feel it is a chance at a fresh start. It is a chance to graduate with more than a high school diploma, and is a good option for kids who may not be college material."

Proud Parent - April Carpenter (Elyria)
What April has to say about LCJVS: "My son has taken more interest in his school work since going to the JVS. If your child is having a hard time at their home school, the JVS could be easier do to the hands on learning."

Proud Parent - Sandra Elliott (Columbia)
What Sandra has to say about LCJVS: "The JVS has gotten my son ready for the real world and to experience things he would in a job field which I think is what of what kids need these days. My son absolutely loves his teachers and looks up to them as mentors! If you want your child to succeed in life give JVS a try. They are wonderful with getting teens prepared for what they will experience in life after high school!"

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