JVS Partnership Means High-Tech Learning Opportunity for Industrial Equipment Mechanics Students

Thanks to the partnership and generosity of the Wellington Implement Company, Lorain County JVS students in the Industrial Equipment Mechanics (IEM) Program have a unique opportunity to be trained on one of the most hi-tech pieces of farm equipment on the market.

Tom Stannard, General Manager of Wellington Implement delivered a Case IH Maxxum 135 tractor, to the JVS IEM students, who will have the opportunity to learn on this high-tech piece of machinery for the 2018/19 school year.

“Without the ability for students to have exposure to the newer technology, the latest and greatest equipment, when they enter the workforce, it would all be brand new,” shared Stannard. “Our hope is that we get the machinery here, the students get the exposure to it, and that way when they go out on the job, they are ready to go.”

Aidan Marang, industrial equipment mechanics senior from Keystone knows the importance of this donation and how it will give his class an edge in the field. “The equipment we have now in lab is out of date and it doesn’t carry over well into the job field. Being able to work on this high-tech up-to-date equipment is really going to help us be ready when we enter the workforce.”

According to Stannard, this tractor, valued at close to $200,000, is made in Basildon, UK, is equipped with all the same technology that the larger tractors have and the series of these tractors start at 90 PTO horsepower and go up to 130 PTO horsepower.

Stannard said it is really hard to find skilled technicians that can work on their high-tech equipment. “What works best for us, is to bring young people in that have a strong work ethic and have had exposure to this type of equipment. The technology changes so fast, that is why the JVS is so important, because having students that come from a career-technical background, means they are more prepared for our workforce.”

Mason Bremke, industrial equipment mechanics instructor and 2011 graduate of the same program, is excited to have this donation as part of his lab, especially for his first year teaching at the JVS. “My students are the future techs of the world, and a donation like this, helps them develop the skills they need to be ready for their career field.”

Bremke’s history with the JVS includes not only himself, but two brothers as well. Myles Bremke graduated in 2007 in the marketing program and younger brother Morgan graduated in 2013 in the network communications technology. The entire family knows firsthand about the first class education that JVS has to offer.

“The JVS not only prepares you for your career, but it also prepares you for college. I personally went to college for six years and just graduated with my Masters in Business from the University of Northwestern Ohio, and now I’m back teaching the program that gave me my start,” shared Bremke.

Stannard said that Bremke's students will also get a start in their future careers by learning on this type of technology, and he is glad his company could play a part in their success.