Students Earn First Aid & Safety Certification Through Spooky Mock Disaster Drill

It was an extra spooky day at JVS on Halloween, as Allied Health Sciences juniors attended to a mock zombie attack in the school’s bakery and pastry arts lab. The junior students put their first aid and safety skills to the test in a mock disaster drill scenario, where they had to assist patients at different stations who had suffered injuries and trauma from the zombie invasion.

Nerves and excitement showed on the faces of the students as they entered the eerie bakery and began to inspect the different stations, and access the patients with injuries that varied from severed fingers, broken bones, lacerations and seizures.

Local EMT professionals and JVS seniors with First Aid and Safety certifications observed and graded the students.

“Bringing in the local EMT's and paramedics adds to the experience,” shared Holly Sofia, Allied Health Sciences Instructor. “These professionals help assess the students and provide important feedback. My hope is that the students feel they have been trained well enough and have the confidence to handle any medical emergency or trauma situation without freezing up.”

Brittany Brown, EMT/Paramedic from South Lorain County and Central Lorain County Ambulance District, felt that the mock scenarios were a good test of the student’s skills. “I think that this drill is an important part of the student’s training. They were all very knowledgeable and were great to work with.”

Ariel Weese, Allied Health Sciences senior from Clearview, said she felt prepared for the drill due to her training in lab. “The first station was a little nerve-wracking, but once we got over our initial anxiety, it was good. Mrs. Sofia definitely prepared us for everything that we did today.”

Teamwork was a crucial component of the drill, and Oliva Walker, Allied Health Sciences junior from Midview, explained how she and her teammate found a way to work together. “At first we both wanted to take the lead, but after we got through a few stations, we were able to communicate, switch roles and be more successful.”

According to Sofia, every First Aid & Safety course ends with a mock disaster drill to challenge the student's skills. Students can earn 2 college credits for completing the course with a "B" or better, as well as certification through the American Health & Safety Institute (ASHI) and the American Heart Association.