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Press Operator

  • Job Number: 4618
  • Date Posted: January 23, 2019
  • Application Deadline: March 24, 2019
  • Company Name: AJ Rose Manufacturing Company
  • Address: 38000 Chester Rd.
  • City: Avon
  • State: OH
  • Zip: 44011
  • Telephone: 4409342815
  • Fax:
  • Web Address:
  • Contact: Leanne Orange
  • Full-time or Part-time: Full Time
  • Days & Hours: Monday - Friday 3:30pm-2am
  • Type of Work Environment:
  • Manufacturing/Welding/CAD
  • Responsibilities / Skills Needed: Equipment:

    Function: uses progressive and transfer presses to machine and assemble impellers, backplates, cups, and blanks some welding

    Interacts with these departments:

    * Maintenance
    * Material control
    * Quality assurance
    * Shipping
    * Spinning
    * Tool Room
    * Tumbler
    * Vendors for painting then worked again


    * Training employees on using process-control technology
    * Handling shift-transition communication
    * Making tool-room personnel available for die repairs and maintenance--affects schedules and costs
    * Finding and training qualified operators


    Pre: receives material from Material Control

    Progressive and transfer stamping:
    * Load coil with forklift or crane
    * Reads and interprets blueprints, engineering specifications, and shop orders to determine machine setup, production methods, and sequence of operation
    * Selects, positions, and secures dies using die cart 2 people per shift, blades, cutters, and fixtures including finger bars onto machine--using rule, square, shims, templates, hand tools, and built-in gages
    * Positions and clamps stops, guides, and turntables
    * Adjusts controls to set and regulate machining factors--pressure and depth of ram stroke, adjustment rolls, blade angle, and machine speed done on Allen-Bradley Panelview
    * Locates and marks bending or cutting lines and reference points on workpiece--using instruments, such as rule and compass, or buy tracing form templates
    * Positions workpiece against stops and guides or aligns layout marks with dies or cutting blades manually or using hoist
    * Starts machine and observes machine operation to reposition workpiece, changes dies, or adjusts machine settings for multiple or successive passes
    * Observes failures and stops machine in a timely manner then troubleshoots problem and determines solution often requires interviewing employees from both shifts to locate problem
    * Uses process-control technology

    Presses: 400-, 600-, and 800-ton stamping machines 9- to 15-stages have process-control technology

    Stages: draw and re-draw, trim, form, pre-size, size, and pierce some parts require slots. Pierce location varies from part to part

    Progressive versus transfer process: progressive--shapes and works the part in the metal strip and cuts only at the last step transfer--cuts the blank in the first stage, separating it from the strip

    Inspection and quality control:
    * Signature Technology process-control equipment monitors production and allows technician to troubleshoot failures

    * Technician visually inspects parts in the trough, every 2-5 minutes, before dumping parts into good box

    * Technician performs Statistical Process Control SPC charting on 5 parts, 3 times per shift. Statistical Process Control SPC checks 8 standards, including bore gauging and flatness checks bore on pulleys--5 parts every hour


    * Parts sent to appropriate department, most often shipping or spinning:

    * Idle pulleys go to outside vendor for painting
    * Bendick parts go to shipping
    * Impellers go to tumbler
    * Progressive dies go to tumbler or shipping

    Products: Impellers and backplates cups and blanks progressive assembled parts

  • Pay Range: $!$-$21/hr
  • Position Offers: Health Care, Retirement, Vacation
  • Position Requires: Background Check, Drug Test
  • Apply for this position: Apply Online, Via Email, Work through JVS Career Services Office