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Allied Health Sciences is a 2-year 'College Tech Prep' program that gives students a solid head start on exciting health and medical careers. By integrating rigorous academics with hands-on technical instruction, it better prepares the learner to continue their education at Lorain County Community College (LCCC) or another 2- or 4-year college or university of their choice.

This program is open to all students in the Lorain County JVS school district with a sincere interest in a health career. It is highly recommended that students hold at least a 2.75 GPA, have completed Algebra I and Biology with a 'B' or higher grade, and hold an excellent attendance record. In order to be eligible for the Nurse Aide training course (a summer option), students must meet or exceed the reading benchmark required by LCCC. Students must produce verification that their immunization status is up-to-date, including MMR, Tetanus and Hepatitis vaccination series.

Allied Health Sciences students have the option of completing college preparatory academics at their associate school and come to the Lorain County JVS for their technical coursework. Classes meet five days per week for 150 minute blocks, making regular attendance vital to student success. Juniors attend classes at Lorain County JVS in the morning and seniors in the afternoon. Students have the advantage of experiencing both their associate school and the Career Tech school environments, traveling between the two schools during their school day.

Students may earn up to 16 college credits through an articulated agreement between the Lorain County JVS and LCCC. These credits may be used at LCCC toward any of their Allied Health Programs (depending on the program) or may transfer to another college or university (depending on the educational facility's credit transfer policy).

Program Highlights:

• Get the best of both worlds! You have the option of taking advanced academic courses at your associate school and career technical coursework at Lorain County JVS.
• Become a sate-tested nurse aide.
• Meet, speak and interact with LCCC college instructors.
• The Potential to earn 16 college credits toward your college certificate/degree.
• Earn certification in American Heart Association CPR, American Health & Safety Institute Advanced First Aid and OSHA 10 Healthcare.
• Develop phlebotomy skills that can lead to phlebotomy certification.
• Exposure to a wide variety of health Careers, exploring job roles and their required training and education.
• Participate in observations, volunteer projects and participate in Hospice of Western Reserve Teen Volunteer Training & Clinical experience.
• Develop leadership and team skills by competing in student professional organizations and contests.
• Prepare for the demands of college life by developing good study skills and a strong knowledge base.
• Learn more about medical ethics, infection control, safety, body mechanics, nutrition, communication, employability skills, teamwork and professionalism.
College Credit Courses:
- College 101(SDEV 101)
- Intro to Patient care (ALHN 113)
- Nurse Aide Training (STNA- ALHN 114)
- Medical Terminology (ALHN 110)
- First Aid & Safety, CPR ( HLED 153)
- Body Structure & Function (BIO 115)
- OSHA 10 Healthcare (1 credit)

Any Questions? Feel free to contact Mrs. Susan Wallace at LCJVS @ 440-774-1051, ext. 22305, or Holly Sofia @ 440-774-1051, ext. 22508, hsofia

Mrs. Wallace

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