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Lorain County JVS Combined Scholarship Application
The application will be used for all students interested in applying for any of the Lorain County JVS 
Scholarships listed below. All completed application information is due to Ms. West in the Student 
Services Office by April 1, 2024
J. Edgar Martin Scholarship

J. Edgar Martin was a benefactor of the Lorain County JVS who bequeathed funds to be used for student scholarships.
The J. Edgar Martin Scholarship was established in 2004.

James A Berthold Board of Education Scholarship
This scholarship is funded by the family of former JVS Board member James A. Berthold, along with the Lorain County JVS Board of Education members.

Janet Lowther McMinn and Robert McMinn Scholarship
This JVS scholarship is presented by a retired JVS Business Academy teacher and her husband to a JVS graduate who is pursuing a career in business or education at an Ohio college or business school. Selection is determined by members of the JVS Teachers’ Association.
Julie L. Hogan Memorial Scholarship

The Julie L. Hogan Memorial Scholarship was established in 2005 by the family and friends of Julie Hogan. J
ulie Hogan was a student in the JVS Marketing and Management program, completing the program in 1992.

Linda Diedrick Teacher Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship is names in honor of our beloved supervisor, Linda Diedrcik, as well as honoring those faithful teachers
we have lost during their tenure at LCJVS.

Lorain County JVS Tribute Scholarship

The Lorain County JVS Student Memorial Scholarship was established in 2005 in memory of former JVS students
who have passed away. In 2012, this scholarship was renamed the Lorain County Tribute Scholarship, to be given
in memory or honor of students, staff, or friends of the JVS.

PTA/Lorain County JVS Teachers' Association Schloarship*
Lorain County JVS Educational Foundation, PTA & Teacher's Association Scholarships.

Ray's Auto & Truck Service Scholarhip
Ray Gilles and his son Mike, a 1986 graduate of the LCJVS Auto Technology program, own and operate Ray’s Auto & Truck
Service in Avon, Ohio. They currently employ four LCJVS graduates and host work-based learning for students each year.
Mike has been a member of the LCJVS advisory committee for many years. This $1,000 scholarship is being offered to help
the next generation of technicians further their education in the highly skilled field of auto and truck technology.

Sandra Dodson Memorial Scholarship
The Sandra Dodson Memorial Scholarship was established in 2019 by Gary Dodson to honor his wife Sandy, a longtime
English instructor at the JVS. Preference is awarded to students choosing to continue their education at LCCC.
This is a $2,000 scholarship.

William R. Burton Scholarship

The William R. Burton Scholarship was established in 1994 by the Lorain County JVS Teachers' Association in memory of
William R. Burton, the founding superintendent of the Lorain County JVS. Mr. Burton devoted his efforts to establish and
maintain high standards of performance for both the JVS faculty and students.

William R. Randall Scholarship

The William R. Randall Scholarship was established in 2008 by the Lorain County JVS Teachers' Association in memory of
retired Superintendent William R. Randall, with the financial support of his family, friends, Lorain County JVS staff and
longtime educational associates. Mr. Randall was Superintendent at the Lorain County JVS from 1999 until his retirement
in 2007, culminating a 40-year career in adult and high school career technical education.

Lorain County JVS Scholarships for Adult Career Center students

Hampson Family Foundation Adult Career Center
The Hampson Family Foundation Scholarship was established in 2008 by the Hampson Family Foundation.
Three scholarships will be awarded to Adult Career Center students in need of financial assistance.  
Robert D. Beecheler Memorial Scholarship Adult Career Center August 23rd

The Robert D. Beecheler Memorial Scholarship was established in 2004 in memory of Robert D. Beecheler by his brother
William Beecheler, and other family members and friends.

John L. Kopronica Memorial Scholarship Adult Career Center

The John L. Kopronica Memorial Scholarship was established in 2006 in memory of John L. Kopronica by his wife, Robin,
and other family members and friends. John worked as a welder at Lorain Products and was known throughout Northeast
Ohio as the clarinet and saxophone player in his band, The Castaways. The Scholarship will be awarded to an Adult Career
Center student enrolled in welding courses.

Community and National Scholarships (list in alphabetical order)

Scholarships in Lorain County

Avon Lake Common Scholarship Program
Scholarship will be offered in February of students senior year

Lorain County Community College

Lorain County Community Foundation

Joel Roberts

Lorain County Retired Teachers
Scholarship will be posted in January 2022

Lorain-Medina Rural Electric

Rotary Club of Oberlin

Avon Lake Common Scholarship Program

Scholarships in Ohio



Ohio PTA

Volstead holdings-The Columbus Foundation

Ohio School Board

- Complete 6 steps and be entered into 6 different drawings for $500. If you complete all 6 steps, you can be entered into a drawing for a scholarship for $40,000.
- Click on earn scholarships to set up your account and get started on the 6 steps. 

Roger Stang Memorial Scholarship - Deadline April 15th

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