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Parking at LCJVS

LCJVS Parking Passes

Student Parking Permit Fees:  $10.00 for the 2021-2022 school year! To purchase your parking pass, please see Ms. Mary West in Student Services.

Student Parking Rules

 1.  All student vehicles parked on school grounds must have a parking permit displayed at all times. The Parking Permit number will identify the parking space to be used all year. Any student not displaying a permit may lose their parking privileges. Any special exceptions must see the Principal/Assistant Principals. All student cars parked on school grounds must be registered.  

 2.  Any student that operates his/her car recklessly on school grounds will face serious repercussions and may lose his/her driving privileges on school grounds for an indefinite period of time.  

 3.  Any student using his/her vehicle to harbor alcoholic drinks or drugs will be subject to disciplinary measures and will have parking and driving privileges removed.  

 4.  Students that drive are expected to have respect for other students' property (vehicles) and may lose driving privileges on school grounds if caught doing or contributing to the damage of other cars.  

 5.  Any student allowing his/her vehicle to be used as a refuge to students who are truant from school will lose driving privileges on school grounds.  

 6.  Any student habitually tardy to school or class and/or truant from school or class may lose the privilege of driving on school grounds.  

 7.  Students are permitted to park in the student parking area only. All students must park in their designated area and space provided as identified by the parking permit number.  

 8. Students are expected to exercise good driving habits and be courteous to school bus right-of-way. Any student that poses a threat to the safety of themselves, other students or damage school property will not be permitted to have his/her vehicle on school grounds.  

 9.  Students should be aware: It is expected that all vehicles driven on the property will be properly and legally registered. An improperly registered vehicle brought to the attention of the Principal/Assistant Principal will be reported to the School Resource Officer.  

 10.  Vehicles must be in proper, safe working condition. Any vehicle not in proper safe working condition will not be permitted to drive or park on school grounds.  

 11.  When choosing to drive to school you are accepting the responsibility of getting to school on time. Problems, including but not limited to: vehicles not starting, inclement weather, trains, and traffic jams will not be excused. In the case of extenuating circumstances, you may see the Principal/Assistant Principal for special consideration.  
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