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Transfer of Credit Policy

Transfer of Credit Policy

Lorain County JVS does not permit students to transfer between programs once they have been officially admitted to a specific program.  If a student would like to enroll in a different program, the student must withdraw and complete the admission process for the new program they have selected.  Lorain County JVS does not offer withdraw passing vs. withdraw failing.  A student must complete the entire program.   Lorain County JVS does not offer individualized courses, rather, training is delivered as one comprehensive program over a designated period of time.  Students do not have the option to repeat portions of their program.  Lorain County JVS does not offer incomplete grades. If a student needs additional time to complete a course, they should contact the Director of Adult Career Center as part of their appeal process.  In addition, Lorain County JVS does not offer remedial courses.  A tutor is available to students for assistance with coursework.  Students must work with the tutor outside of class time.  Transfer of credits from other institutions is done on a case by case basis.  For those programs that are CT2 approved, full transfer of completed credits is issued upon a thorough review of an official transcript.  In some cases, further confirmation of competency may be confirmed with the conferring institution to assure successful completion for the student. This must be done within a reasonable amount of time from when the classes have been taken.

For those institutions with which the JVS has articulated credit, reciprocity is practiced.  For example, a student who receives transcript credit in Medical Terminology, Anatomy and Physiology and other course work from Lorain Community College with whom we have agreements, may transfer those classes from the community college to the JVS.

A student must have earned a grade of ā€œCā€ or better in any coursework to be considered for review. Current institutions include Lorain County Community College, Franklin University, and the Ohio Board of Cosmetology. Transcripts must be presented for review prior to the program start date.  Each case is individually assessed by the Director of the Adult Career Center and must be documented by an official transcript from the conferring institution.

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