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Withdrawal Policy

Administrative Withdrawal Policy
A student may be administratively withdrawn from his/her program for: missing three consecutive program days and no established communication (withdrawing/returning to class) has occurred between student and school personnel within 14 calendar days of the last date of attendance, missing eight or more consecutive days, being absent for over ten percent of the total clock hours of the program, or for violation of school or classroom rules or policies. Satisfactory Academic Progress checks are completed every 4 weeks of instruction. Students who fail to meet the required 90% attendance rate and the required 77% grade point average will be placed on probation for 4 weeks. Students must show progress towards compliance on or before the next progress check (4 weeks). If a student does not come into compliance with grades, attendance and cannot complete the program within 111% of the program length, they will be administratively withdrawn from the program.

Tuition and fees owed at the time of withdrawal must be paid according to the withdrawal/refund policy. Any student who is administratively withdrawn has the right to appeal this decision by meeting with the Adult Career Center Director. If a student chooses to appeal an administrative withdrawal, a written request must be submitted, along with corresponding documentation within 3 days of withdrawal in order for an appeal hearing to be scheduled. No further documentation or excuses will be accepted after the appeal hearing has taken place. The Director of the Adult Career Center has the right to accept or deny any appeal on a case by case basis. Any student whose appeal is accepted would be reinstated.
Student Withdrawal Policy
If a student finds it necessary to withdraw from a course, the student must contact the Adult Career Center. Students who wish to withdraw who receive Title IV funding (Pell Grants and/or Federal Direct Stafford Loans) must meet with the Student Services Supervisor. Refunds are given to students who withdraw prior to the first day of class with the exception of the following fees that will be withheld:
      • 100 hours and above - $100 administrative fee will be held
      • 99–21 hours - $25 administrative fee will be held
      • 20 hours and below - $10 administrative fee will be held
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